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Amanda Gibby Peters – Lifestyle Leader; Simple Shui Consultant, Teacher & Space Clearing

About Amanda Gibby Peters

Feng Shui expert and Founder of Simple Shui.

Hello! I am Amanda Gibby Peters, and putting the affairs of a home in order is my genius.

I adore simplicity. And I edit. Brilliantly. So, what’s Simple Shui, you say?

It’s a lifestyle with its own mission statement:

Live with what you love.

I help readers + clients simplify their spaces. Because that is where the practical magic to a gorgeous life awaits.

Our homes speak in metaphor – a language I know fluently. The energy that comes into our space influences how we step out into the world. And those metaphors influence everything – our well-being, relationships, prosperity, and happiness.

When we are too busy to care about our space, it squanders all those resources we rely on to curate a good life – our time, energy, and the creative stamina to live fully.

I began blogging in 2007 about the necessary ingredients for cultivating sacred space. By combining feng shui – its study of energy + environmental metaphor – and my editorial instincts, I discovered small changes were creating enormously extraordinary differences in the lives of my clients.

How does it work? When we put our homes in order, we do the same for ourselves. [Press Kit]

Fun Facts

I LOVE a good story. And my wild rumpus so far has tattooed a few worth sharing so here are some fun things you might not know about me…

Amanda Gibby Peters AYRIAL

  • I often get mistaken for Debbie Gibson. You read that correctly. This people-staring, autograph hounding confusion has been happening since the 7th grade.
  • I spent a summer in high school living on a Navajo reservation with some friends, working in a trade store. I spent a summer in college with more friends roaming India doing humanitarian work. Seems my spirit always knew it would be an indie life for me.
  • Number one FAQ: What lippy are you wearing? Answer: MAC’s ‘O’. It’s my signature color, and it looks different on me because I always change the lip liner. It re-interprets the flavor and keeps these puckers looking fresh.
  • In my former life, my poli sci major/degree landed me lunches + internships + jobs with an interesting assortment of fellas + felines: Bob Dole, John McCain, Fred Thompson, Larry Craig, Newt Gingrich, Prime Minister Shimon Perez, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and Mitt Romney. Two things you need to know here: I am not party specific, although it seems the conservative crowd really digs me; also, if you run for president, I may not be a good luck charm {see list above}.
  • It was 1990-something, and I had one hand in my pocket at an Alanis Morrissette concert when the lead singer of Weezer tapped me on the shoulder. Now, that’s a good story for later…
  • I’m a happy Cappy with a rising sign in Leo – a cocktail blend of the most introverted and most extroverted signs. Which explains everything I could ever tell you about me.

Amanda Gibby Peters Services: Feng Shui Expert – Simple Shui

Simple Shui Space Clearing • $399

We all want to be where we feel most alive – and our home deserves to be one of those places. And for any shui cure to really unleash magic, we must excavate what isn’t serving us – physically and energetically.

Before our appointment, we will have a conversation to determine what type of space clearing best suits your intention + needs. After that, you select a day + time with no interruptions or distractions. I will suggest a few preparatory steps for your space before our appointment; however, all the supplies + tools necessary will be provided by me.

*Space clearing can be offered on-site or remotely.

Includes 30-minute call; personalized bagua of your space; space clearing supplies; and follow up recommendations.

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“As one of her clients, I feel like Amanda is always LISTENING to what I am saying. I don’t actually ever recall needing to repeat or clarify what I was trying to share, because she was listening. Genuinely. With both ears. And both eyes. And with her heart. Her genuine ability to not only hear what is being said, but to listen and absorb messages is something I respect.” – JASON


Simple Shui Blueprint • $699


This introductory consult is designed to get you motivated + untangle what’s not working well + anchor life support around you. You’ll send me a sketch of your floor plan, any photos requested, and 3 objectives to inform our time together.

During our initial session {via phone or on-site}, I’ll provide a series of shui assignments and we will discuss how to make these ideas operational in your life.

I am available via email for 30 days after our 1:1 – you can ask me Q’s, get my spin, or bounce ideas off me as they come to you. Before our time is up, we will have a 30-minute phone session to forecast ideas so you confidently keep delicious energy flowing your way.

This blueprint is an excellent on-ramp to experience the real-time, personalized results of shui in your life.

Includes initial session via phone or on-site; 1 30-minute follow-up call within 30 days of initial session; personalized bagua of your space; and email access for your Qs.

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“I have always been intrigued by shui. I would read some things on it, but never really followed through. Amanda explains it in a way that makes me want to run out and change everything in all my spaces. Her words make it very current and relevant. What I love about her ability is that I see how it connects with absolutely everything…how we are in our space and how our space in us is POWERFUL.” -KRISTEN FINCH


Simple Shui 6 Month Consult • $3,600

This is full contact shui, m’loves.

Before we get started, you and I vibe details to make sure this option will leave you shining brightly. If all signs point to YES, I’ll hatch a plan – and every-other-week, you will learn + work with the power anatomy of your space.

During our 6 months together, you’ll go elbow deep – harmonizing your space + exploring the wide world of shui + releasing patterns of unnecessary cravings {excuses, fear-based thinking, guilt-laced stories, resistance}. When we change our environment, we change our lives. So, this consult will absolutely lift you to higher ground.

The work is simple, but it won’t be easy.

You have to show up spectacularly for yourself – because shui doesn’t work if you don’t.

But the results? Well, sunshine, we’re talking full tilt glorious! This is how you do YOU and win!

*Payment plan available.

Includes 1:1 calls twice a month; email summary with shui suggestions + recommendations after every call; personalized bagua of your space; printed copy of my workbook bundle; and email + text access for your Qs.

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“When I think of Amanda’s words, I get giddy.  She awakens me to the extraordinary beauty available to me in my own mad life.  I feel like I’m lying in a boho silk kimono hearing a crystal chandelier being tickled by warm summer breezes after viewing her spirit infused photography.  That’s no small feat because I live in the tundra. Amanda is a champion of something my soul craves a daily dose of: loveliness.” – SARAH BAMFORD SEIDELMANN

Simple Shui Workbooks • $30 – $75

Check out these workbooks on Amazon, here’s a highlight:

AT HOME WITH LIFE: this is all about the feng shui map. known as the bagua, it is your life-sized vision board. every area where you crave improvement in your life is represented in your living space right now. room by room and life area by life area, a home embodies a framework to affect positive change. and when our space matches our soul’s wish list, transformation is irrefutable.

AHWL is about making a meaningful impact, both inside your home and out in the world; it’s having the support to stay motivated and move through the imperfections; and it’s learning to use our space to advocate for ourselves.

When we honor ourselves and intentionally dress our homes with our dreams and plans, we lubricate and accelerate our personal growth. and that, m’loves, is how feeling at home with yourself begins.

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