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Ann Bibbey is a Professional Psychic Medium & Face Reader

Ann Bibbey is a Psychic Medium, Face Reader, as well as an Intuitive Life and Business Consultant. Her complimentary skills include Face Reading, Numerology, and Astrology.

Working from her Fort Collins, Colorado office, Ann uses her intuitive gifts to help individuals, businesses, and organizations across the globe by offering guidance to find clarity and insight during times of transition. Whether with a client seeking to find life’s path and purpose, or a business embarking on new ventures, Ann creatively combines her many gifts to match their needs.

Ann offers distant sessions, has limited availability in her Colorado office, and travels to work on-site with groups, businesses, and organizations. Time and space are no barrier. She can take her awareness to the client no matter where they are located.

Ann is also professionally trained and certified as a Face Reader.  In a Face Reading, by analyzing the features and markings on the face, Ann can assess your past patterns and experiences, future potential, personality traits as well as evaluate health problems from signs and colors on the face and give recommendations for your overall health and well-being. A Face Reading helps people understand who they truly are and will activate their spirit or Shen which can be very transformational in nature and give clarity to the very essence of who they are.

The Golden Path is a Daoist metaphor for living your life according to your true nature. It is the personal quest to find and uncover the real you.

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