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Unlock your world of possibilities with an expert lifestyle consultant.  AYRIAL vetted lifestyle consultants, life coaches, intuitive consultants, spiritual mediums come from varied backgrounds with unique areas of expertise. They are respected professionals who are dedicated to helping you break through limitations to help you get focused on your goals to enhance your life.

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At AYRIAL, we feature purpose-driven lifestyle consultants who represent a variety of modalities coming together to serve a shared mission – to help enhance the lives of people who listen. 


These certified feng shui consultants bring unique insight, knowledge and experience to bring you powerful feng shui techniques to attract prosperity, romance and health.

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AYRIAL saves you the time in researching authentic and accurate spiritual and psychic mediums.  AYRIAL only features tested and authentic spiritual mediums and accurate intuitive consultants.

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Connect with exclusive yoga instructors and meditation teachers.  AYRIAL is proud to feature the greatest yoga and meditation instructors to help you gain the benefits from yoga, nutrition and wellness.

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Leading a successful career or  business requires razor sharp mental focus.   These AYRIAL vetted life coaches and transformation coaches can motivate you and make a positive impact on your personal life or business’s growth.

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We recognize the value and flexibility of voice interaction and launched the AYRIAL “Positive Living”  Alexa Skill. We didn’t just develop an Alexa skill. Instead, we honed in on the body, mind and spirit audience to adapt Alexa, ‘a hands-free, voice-activated platform,’ to spark user engagement to transform and enrich lives.


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Our goal is to take the frustration, disappointments and the daunting task out of searching the internet for a lifestyle consultant, life coach, wellness advisor. We’ve done all the work for you. We’ve spent hundreds of hours searching the internet to find only the exceptional, professional consultants and then, we vet them.

AYRIAL was created and is published by Weston Media Group, LLC.  It’s a new kind of “body, mind & spirit” association designed to engage users utilizing innovative technology, like Alexa Skills.   Whether you explore online or AYRIAL Alexa Skills, we’ve provided a convenient and engaging way for you to connect with professional intuitive consultants, astrologers, spiritual mediums, feng shui consultants and life coaches.

AYRIAL’s Mission is to enhance and advance the lives of individuals who seek the insight of exceptional lifestyle consultants who can empower, provide guidance, information and resources to help them grow spiritually, in business and leadership.

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“I am delighted to be part of the AYRIAL community. It is especially important to have a platform to find vetted, credentialed professionals in the fields of Feng Shui, Medium-ship, Life Coaching, Astrology, etc. I had been looking for the right platform for Narrative Space and was flattered when Victoria invited me to its group.”
“I admire Victoria’s vision for creating a cutting edge platform for East/West body, mind & spirit community.I am honored to be a part of her vision and to help transcend the mysticism of Chinese Metaphysics to benefit others.”
The quality and professionalism of AYRIAL is why I decided to join the group.
With AYRIAL, I feel more close to the people who want to make a difference in
their lives and that is exactly the purpose of my work as a spiritual medium.
I love being part of AYRIAL’s group of people who are devoted to giving information
and services that will enhance peoples lives in a positive way!
I joined Ayrial because the very first time I spoke with Victoria I liked her vision and I wanted to be part of it. I love how AYRIAL is making it easier for consultants to be reachable to help people to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

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