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Laurie Huston

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Before being able to ‘claim’ yourself this year you have to have felt ‘claimed’. I think this was instrumental in examining my life. For most of my life I have not felt ‘claimed’ by my family or felt I belonged. I have always searched for my acceptance and inclusion with a deeper spiritual family. Unfortunately this did not always have a happy ending. I know what it is like to feel abandoned, as it has been my ‘story’ for most of my life. However, I have for many years, recognized it as a ‘story’ – I see things from this perspective even when another part of me knows this isn’t truth. My search for a spiritual family often hurt even more than a family I never really felt a connection to – due to my feelings about being adopted – because I felt like my spiritual community should live from the same code of ethics that I lived by. Unfortunately that was almost never the case – as ego impacts us all – especially those given roles – and I would view any perceived betrayal from my perspective of ‘abandonment’. A lose/lose perceived situation.

I was reminded that my claiming was never from people – maybe my cats – but like most people I feel a deep connection with nature. I remember as a child that whenever I felt a need to find my connection, wellbeing or happiness and when I felt the most open was finding my way to a specific ‘place’ – a sacred place to me was being in nature: walking through a forest, sitting by Georgian Bay or watching the stars. Today I still feel the need to find comfort in residing so close to the Lake and walking along it daily and by searching the skies. I don’t really live anywhere near a forest anymore although there are some lovely big old trees. I do feel claimed by both the water and the night skies (even under the light pollution of Toronto). We need to be reminded that there is something Bigger than ourselves available to us.

“We need to be reminded that there is something Bigger than ourselves available to us – a sense of community and belonging”

Once we feel ‘claimed’ and remind ourselves that we are connected and part of something bigger – a sense of community and belonging – then we can work on ‘claiming’ ourselves outwardly. The first place we are recommended to start is our ‘home’.  We first need to feel our ‘home’ is where we ‘nest’ and most of us tend to focus our energies on others and putting their needs before us. I know that is something I work with a lot and often in the past few years I have nested much more. This incoming year is important to ‘nest’ but not for hiding or healing, at least for me. I see this as a need to use our ‘home’ as a way to feel safe and to expand our ‘claiming’ of who we are. I was told in my recent interview with Lori and Grandmother that hibernation in my ‘home’ is necessary and I need to work on this ‘claiming’ by writing and enhancing my teaching abilities to assist each of you to recognize you are Divinely Unique. I like that because honestly I still need to feel my safe place is home. ‘Home’ to me is where the Heart lies and my actual home is where I live and work – so feeling safe in my ‘home’ is a must.

Next is our body – 2018 was a year where I focused on my health as I have had some challenges over the past few years – so I really wanted to feel better from within. I have been taking more responsibility over my health; I have witnessed how harmful some substances – that are socially acceptable like sugar and alcohol – are to our temples. I know that teaching about addictions may be a continuation of the teachings of my work as it relates to viewing how we distract ourselves and harm ourselves because we allow our fears to push us to seek something comforting when we are feeling emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually uncomfortable. Learning that our body is a temple and nourishing it is my new priority and now that it is working better I can definitely focus on nourishing it and honoring it as my inner home.

I can feel that the definition of ‘home’ seems to be a theme both personally and for 2019 as a whole. To ‘claim’ yourself or who you are requires knowing your ‘home’ – both physically as in where you live and also the ‘home’ within your body. What does ‘home’ mean to you? If our ‘home’ isn’t safe and nourishing then how can we fully stand up to ‘claim’ who we are? We need to unconditionally Love and Accept our Self, our inner and outer environment as well as the community within which we live. To fully Love and Accept we need to take responsibility for where we are before we can truly ‘know’ who we are. So ‘home’ will have a greater importance this year as we accept responsibility for what we choose to focus on doing. Claiming our Self will require nourishing and nurturing ‘Home’!

What does our sensing have to do with our businesses? Our bodies have an energy-field, and this energy-field holds our thoughts, our emotions and our intentions. The movie The Secret explores the Law of Attraction and the effect that our thoughts and beliefs have on our reality. Our energy-field can be quite extensive and extend farther out from our bodies than we realize. Have you ever driven home completely absorbed in your thoughts and experiences? Maybe you’ve been so caught up in your thoughts you aren’t even sure how you got home. This is a perfect example of how we are often living unconsciously. Now think of road rage; we are just driving along, feeling fine, when we get cut off, or are put behind a very slow-moving vehicle. This situation often creates anger and frustration, the sorts of things that aren’t normally part of our everyday activity or emotional state. This is owing to the fact that in a populous city our energy gets mixed with that of others and as we are unconsciously driving around we may enter into a situation or area where road rage occurred moments – or even hours – before. We get caught up in the energy of someone else or in the energy of road rage itself. Consider your work environment: if your work area has many employees it will hold many different energies, emotions and thoughts. We can feel the grief of a friend or colleague when someone has just passed away, or the anger and frustration when someone has been fired or had a spousal fight that morning.

People project their thoughts and emotions at all times so consider how all of our thoughts and emotions have been building up within our work environment. Now let’s take into account our current state of mind and the state of the World. Think about how this energy is being compounded dramatically. We are in a constant state of experiencing the effects of anxiety and fear.

” 2019 is for you to Claim your excellence and Divine Uniqueness within everything you do and to allow your ‘Home’ to shine brightly the Divine Essence that is all that You Are!”

We are allowing our stories to trigger and dictate our unhappiness and add this unhappiness to our story with all the “what’s and why’s” that the ‘other’ person does to hurt us, instead of working on changing OUR story and changing our fears that create our story and unhappiness.

Instead we focus on each situation as a separate event that continues to justify our ‘story’: reappearing as a pattern. This belief we hold about who we are is just a fabrication that confirms our fears. Let me give an example: a person we have a relationship with says something that triggers us, out of their own fear they say something that makes us believe they are betraying us, abandoning us or alluding to the fact that we aren’t significant enough to… (you fill in the blank). It may be a fear that someone isn’t being honest and upfront with you, or maybe someone is appearing aloof and distant, like they don’t care. The ‘mirror’ we are meant to understand is that this is ‘our’ fear and we haven’t shifted it if we can still justify BEing unhappy or blaming another. We instead just take this experience and add it to our ever increasing ‘story’ of who we believe we are.

What limiting beliefs, habits and stories do you have? Our stories center around our relationships with family, friends, partners, co-workers and/or bosses. We hold certain stuck emotions from our childhood that limit us from creating the life we desire and keep us in our “head” where we choose fear over our hearts and love. Plus most of our thoughts, judgments, behaviors, patterns, beliefs, and values are formed by the age of 7 (!) and as a result we are reacting and creating the same patterns over and over again until we heal them! Are you ready to make some changes? Are you ready to make the conscious changes to Be the best you can be? Are you ready to make the changes needed to positively impact your business life – for your own betterment and, importantly, for the betterment of everyone in your work sphere? Let’s do this! Let’s become aware of how we are responding to the energies in and around us – for our own benefits. This means taking responsibility for it all. And that is part of our evolving planet and what is needed.

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So how does this relate to ‘Happiness’? Well, like everything in this life, we tend to focus on what we don’t want instead of BEing happy inside or allowing our Divine Essence to express itself, we are allowing our fears to continue to dictate our story; our unhappiness. We can’t seek ‘happiness’, it has to BEcome our intention to Evolve towards Love. It is only through our intention to grow that we will uncover that our ‘happiness’ has been here all along. We have the ‘choice’ to examine our fears and accept these fears as opportunities to mature and BEcome the Love that we already are. Our ‘happiness’ isn’t something that is ‘out’ there, but it is who we are as Divine Beings.

Learning through our relationships: having conscious experiences when our fears present themselves are the only way we can experience conscious relationships, experience Love and remember who we are. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to BE happy and have conscious relationships. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to NOT see the Divine within and experiencing more compassion and acceptance (even when I have epic failures) with mySelf. Let’s choose to initiate these changes by remembering who we are; Divine Beings having a human experience.

For guidance on Claiming Yourself in 2019, contact Laurie Huston to schedule a consultation.



We need to be reminded that there is something Bigger than ourselves available to us – a sense of community and belonging. – Laurie Huston, Founder of Intuitive Soul.  Read the article! #ClaimYourself @IntuitSoulRadio @AYRIAL7 

Laurie Huston Intuitive Counselor
A Professional Intuitive Counselor, Laurie Huston incorporates her professional qualifications that include a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and mBit Coach and Trainer to help individuals.   Learn more

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