7 Feng Shui Tips to Attract Success and Wealth

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AYRIAL, creators of the leading body, mind and spirit association are giving away a free resource to professionals and individuals on how to use Feng Shui principles to attract success and wealth.  The downloadable guide reveals several opportunities you can do to enhance your home, office, work space using Feng Shui principles to attract success and wealth.

Feng Shui Sybilla LenzCertified Feng Shui consultant and author of the Prosperity Factor, Sybilla Lenz says, “Feng Shui has changed my life in profound ways.  I have a life I love with my soul mate and have experienced positive changes in career, creativity, family connections and health.”

What is the result for others you’ve helped?

“After they have had a consult, clients note that they would never have looked at their environment as a place that could promote positive change in their lives. They begin to see the relationship to how they feel in their bodies to what is going on in their environment,” says Lenz. “They see how they feel with different colors and notice that sometimes just changing their bedroom can promote good sleep and overall feelings of well-being.”

A few of Sybilla’s clients include; Habitat for Humanity, Sears, Veterans Administration Hospital.

*Read the inspiring Q/A with Sybilla and Ann Moschorak from Happenings Magazine!

AYRIAL is an exclusive community that features #theBest Certified Feng Shui Consultants that can help individuals in their personal and professional life.  They have their unique area of focus and are available by appointment.

Laura Carrillo, Narrative Space Feng Shui PractitionerNarrative Space – Certified Feng Shui practitioner, Laura Carrillo offers a quick tip on attracting wealth; “If you want to generate an abundant flow of income, a water feature placed to the right of the entrance with the water flowing into the home is a great option.”

Laura is a member of the International Feng Shui Guild, Red Ribbon Professional and certified Feng Shui Practitioner specializing in Feng Shui and Space Clearing.  She has been featured in; Los Angeles Times, WOMN Magazine, Black Southern Belle and more!

Here are few key issues that are highlighted in our AYRIAL- 7 Feng Shui Tips to Attract Success and Wealth:

• Create a strong front entrance
• How to create a good Feng Shui money corner
• Decorating with water fountains for wealth
• Creating harmonious chi flow
• Setting up your workspace/desk to attract business

To learn more about AYRIAL featured Feng Shui practitioners, visit: www.AYRIAL.com

feng-shui-joey-yap-ayrialInterested in learning more about Feng Shui or being certified?  Check out Sasha Lee and Joey Yap online Feng Shui courses.  Joey Yap is the premiere Feng Shui practitioner!

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