7 Marketing Tips to Grow Your Lifestyle Consulting Business

AYRIAL,  creators of the leading body, mind and spirit association are giving away a free resource to lifestyle consultants such as Feng Shui consultants, Astrologers, Professional Psychic-Intuitives, Meditation Teachers, Spiritual Counselors and Wellness Advisors. The downloadable guide reveals several opportunities that lifestyle consultants can do to thrive in their business.

“Many lifestyle consultants juggle time with their clients along with marketing, sales, PR and as a result, often don’t time for new clients,” said Victoria lynn Weston, Founder and President of AYRIAL. “Our guide shows you how to make the most of your business and not miss any opportunities.”

AYRIAL is an exclusive community that helps lifestyle consultants harness new ideas to grow their body, mind & spirit business which allows them to have a greater impact with their clients. Today’s business environment is highly competitive and it’s best to exchange the traditional ‘old way of marketing’ with today’s fresh approach. You’ll learn a bold new way to take your knowledge and experience and bring it to the next level.

Whether you’re an established lifestyle consultant or considering such a business, it seems on the surface a consulting business sounds like one of the easiest businesses to launch. In some ways, it is. You already have the expertise and knowledge of the industry and all you have to do is set up appointments… right?

Well, there are some key issues that you should know to be a successful lifestyle consultant including;

• How to promote you and your services.
• Focus on relationships, not revenue
• Content is King!
• Ten Commandments of Content
• Optimize for mobile & more!

“Many body, mind and spirit lifestyle consultants are devoted to their client needs which means they have less time to market their services to acquire new clients,” said Weston. “Through our AYRIAL Member Association, we’re here to help and empower them to become more successful.”


Launched in 2015, AYRIAL is a technology-driven “body, mind & spirit” lifestyle platform with its office based in Atlanta, GA.  A member based association who promotes their esteemed members, their services and products.  AYRIAL makes it easy for individuals who seek exceptional psychic, intuitive, feng shui consultants, astrologers, spiritual and meditation teachers, life coaches to easily connect with them and to keep them engaged with exclusive content. www.AYRIAL.com 


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