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Hi, I’m David Low,Ph.D, thank you for connecting with me!

I live in Pennsylvania.  I’m an author and academic with advanced degrees in religion and counseling.  I’ve taught at Rutgers-Camden, Rowan, LaSalle and other universities in the Philadelphia area, and speaks to community groups and organizations.  Today, I consult with individuals on dreamwork and spiritually-related counseling.

Most people think of meaningful dreams as the rare ones they hear about it the media, where someone gets in a very literal way some,  inspirational message about what they should do in their lives, or some other important information—and that they themselves don’t have the spiritual sensitivity to receive such messages. This is a tragically misguided notion.   Dreams manifest from higher internal faculties, which pick up on personally relevant information transcending time and space. For most of us that data is on offer all the time.   I also facilitate dream groups and offers interpretations through the phone, SKYPE or online. “Dreams are the single most often ignored thing that most people could benefit from in a big way.

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[ Call or Text: 215.206.4091 ]

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