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Hello, I’m Lani Reagan!

I’m a certified intuitive life coach, an energy healing practitioner, & founder of Dynamic Healing Therapies. My specialty is assessing your energy-field & subconscious mindset. I then apply my healing techniques to facilitate radical shifts in mind & body, creating real-world transformations in record time. I can work with you in-person or remotely as I have clients all over the world. Or, let’s connect at Santa Barbara office.

Let’s Create the Life YOU Want!

Whether you are dealing with anxiety, depression, personal or professional issues or physical ailment; everything is directly impacted by your energy. Working with me will provide you with a feeling of renewal & hope, while strengthening your manifesting energy, as one of my clients recently shared, “I’ve increased in my business, become healthier & found more ease and maturity when it comes to moving forward in life. I’m incredibly grateful!”
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Introductory 30-minute session: $95

Let’s uplevel your life so you can have that all you desire and deserve!

We can connect by telephone, or at my Santa Barbara, California office. 

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