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The emperor Napoleon was quite taken with this own Tarot reader, Marie Leormand, who, on the basis of the cards, predicted both his marriage to Josephine and his death by rope or bullet.


Book excerpt from Selecting Your Psychic, from Main Street to Wall Street by Victoria lynn Weston

A Brief History of TAROT – Day 19 of Psychic Wit & Wisdom

Tarot reader, Marie LeormandThe western parallel to I Ching is the art of divination by means of Tarot cards.  Today’s official Tarot deck consists of 78 cards divided into what are called the minor and major arcana.  The minor arcana consists of four suits of 14 cards.  For practical purposes, a short deck of 22 cards (the major arcana) is often used for consultations.

Tarot cards are illustrated with brightly colored figures of medieval design.  The designs are sometimes shocking, and the figures (usually human form) never seem to be doing what we might expect.  Death, for example, represents change.  The Wheel of Fortune, fate.  The symbolism of each design reflects the primary forces at work in the material and spiritual world.

The first hard evidence for the existence of the Tarot dates back to 1329, although some experts contend that the Tarot first surfaced in Egypt much earlier.  The question of who developed the cards is shrouded in mystery.  Despite condemnation by the Church and civil authorities, tarot cards have enjoyed widespread and popular use since the 14th century in both casual parlor games and prophecy.

In 1322, Charles VI of France, commissioned the production of three hand painted packs, which were works of art in themselves. The emperor Napoleon was quite taken with this own Tarot reader, Marie Leormand, who, on the basis of the cards, predicted both his marriage to Josephine and his death by rope or bullet.

In more modern times, one of the most dramatic predictions from the Tarot concerned British motorboat racers, Donald Campbell.  On the day he sought to set a new speed record, Campbell consulted the cards.  He drew an Ace and the Queen of Spades from his own playing deck, noting that these were the same cards Mary Queen of Scots turned over the night before her execution.  Campbell never achieved his goal to travel at 300 miles per hour in his motorboat.  That day, under full throttle, Campbell’s boat flipped over and Campbell was killed.

  • Source:  Selecting Your Psychic; A Brief History of the Prophetic Arts by Victoria lynn Weston

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