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A Fall Feeling

I fall for fall, especially in October.  Every year.

Where I live, we wait a little longer for the leaves to change colors. but eventually. . .

When we have almost given up hope for autumn’s good tidings. . .

the air around us gets crispy.

Twilight beckons earlier.

Cozy sweaters and bulky blankets nestle into nooks around our home, easily within reach for layering.

Rustling leaves begin blanketing the sidewalk.

The billowing smell of a burning fireplace fills the night sky.

and, of course, there is the harvest of pumpkins.

In shui, pumpkins are regarded as very lucky charms — there is an auspicious belief they attract material goods + wealth.

They are also revered as protectors against negative energies so a few by the front door is simply smart shui.

But the very best part is pumpkins are elementally balanced, which is why they seem so vibrant + alive in their promenade around town.

Their orange-ish and sometimes neutral hues represent both fire and earth. and since orange is often considered a social color, pumpkins are a perfect pairing to halloween + thanksgiving since orange promotes lively conversation and communication. the fire element makes us feel warm + gracious while earth is grounding + comforting.

The gourds’ round shapes embody the metal element which helps us stay focused + mentally clear-headed.

and since they bloom from a plant, pumpkins hold the wood element, too. this is the element that gives us flexibility + opportunity for new growth.

Should your pumpkin have a glossy sheen, water is also being expressed. and when we incorporate water into our space, we connect with the flow of life.

Remember, when all the elements are expressed around you, it nourishes a restorative sense within you.

So, as autumn lights wherever you are, stitch her fully into your space with a plump pumpkin or two.

xo – Amanda

The lucky charm of pumpkins.  A Fall Feeling by @simple_shui #fengshui @AYRIAL7 

Amanda Gibby Peters is a Dallas-based feng shui consultant and blogger with an international clientele. She believes feng shui is about living with what you love. Amanda lives with her husband and twin daughters.  Learn more

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