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Step into the Future with AYRIAL Positive Living Alexa Skill: Your Gateway to the Power of Voice!

Embrace the Age of Voice with AYRIAL Positive Living Alexa Skill, exclusively designed for Amazon Echo Devices. Immerse yourself in daily tips on romance and life enhancement from our esteemed AYRIAL members, right at your fingertips.

Unlock the Potential of Amazon Echo Devices:

Seamless Integration: Experience the convenience of AYRIAL Positive Living seamlessly integrated with your Amazon Echo Devices.

Alexa, Your Personal Assistant: Let Alexa be your guide in discovering daily tips for a more fulfilling life, delivered with just a simple voice command.

Discover the AYRIAL Advantage:

Vetted Lifestyle Consultants: AYRIAL members are carefully vetted, ensuring you receive guidance from reputable and trusted lifestyle consultants.

Daily Wisdom at Your Fingertips: Access daily tips on romance and life enhancement effortlessly through AYRIAL Positive Living Alexa Skill.

Effortless Connectivity:

Mobile Link for Instant Access: Alexa can send a weblink to your mobile device, providing the daily tip, a brief bio of the AYRIAL member, and contact information.

Simplified Interaction: Navigate through lifestyle insights effortlessly with the power of voice commands.

AYRIAL Positive Living Alexa Skill is designed to make your life easier and more enriched. Enable it today to embark on a journey of daily inspiration and personalized guidance. Elevate your lifestyle with the age of voice—where Alexa becomes your trusted companion in the pursuit of positive living.

Welcome To AYRIAL!

Discover the Power of Professional Psychics, Psychic Mediums, and Intuitive Consultants at AYRIAL!

Unlock Success with AYRIAL’s Team of Expert Life Coaches with Over 100 Years of Combined Excellence!

At AYRIAL, our seasoned professionals guide individuals and business owners towards unparalleled success. With a rich history of excellence spanning over 100 years, our professional psychics, psychic mediums, and intuitive consultants are dedicated to transforming challenges into breakthroughs.

Why Choose AYRIAL?

Unparalleled Experience: Benefit from the collective wisdom of over 100 years of excellence.

Expert Guidance: Our life coaches specialize in showing you the path to success in both personal and professional realms.

Success Stories: AYRIAL has a proven track record of turning challenges into opportunities for individuals and business owners alike.

Trust in Vetting:

Rest assured, each AYRIAL psychic, life coach and consultant has been meticulously vetted for authenticity and expertise. Your journey to success begins with professionals you can trust.

Unlock the potential within you and your business with AYRIAL’s team of vetted and experienced professionals. Experience the transformative power of our psychic insights, intuitive guidance, and life coaching expertise. Start your journey to success today!

Discover AYRIAL today to connect with a vetted lifestyle consultant:

  • AYRIAL Positive Living Alexa Skill: Embrace the Age of Voice! Enable AYRIAL Positive Living for daily tips on romance and life enhancement from AYRIAL members. Alexa can even send a weblink to your mobile device, providing the daily tip, a brief bio of the AYRIAL member, and contact information—all designed to make finding a vetted lifestyle consultant easy.
  • AYRIAL Feng Shui Tips: Tune in for practical feng shui advice from Viviana Estrada! Enable AYRIAL Feng Shui Tips on your Amazon Echo device today. Just say, “Alexa, open feng shui tips!” from your Amazon Echo Device.


Your time is precious, and we genuinely value it. Thank you for reading. Now, go connect with an AYRIAL vetted lifestyle consultant, life coach, or wellness advisor. If you know of a professional we should consider, follow us on Twitter aka X; we’d love to hear from you!

AYRIAL Founder & President

Victoria lynn Weston

Intuitive Muse. Entrepreneur. Documentary producer. Alexa Skill producer. Foodie. Animal lover. 

Victoria lynn Weston , a prominent business psychic, top psychic, and intuitive business consultant, serves as a trusted advisor to numerous business owners, executives, and individuals. Her expertise transcends titles as she provides invaluable insights to develop company brands, expand businesses, and make strategic hiring decisions. Victoria brings to the table a positive attitude, open-mindedness, and a sharp acumen that propels both individuals and businesses toward success.

As an accomplished motivational speaker, Victoria has addressed executives from renowned organizations such as Henry Ford Health Systems and RTM (Arby’s Franchise). She imparts wisdom on harnessing the power of intuition for crafting successful marketing strategies, making wise investments, and selecting the right employees. Victoria’s 20 years of experience as a professional psychic/intuitive consultant who became known as “the corporate psychic.”

Her impact extends beyond consultancy, as Victoria is also an entrepreneur, documentary producer, and Alexa Skill creator. In December 2018, she developed a custom Alexa Skill, tied to her PBS-featured documentary, “America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull.” This Skill, “America’s Victoria” is available on Amazon Echo Devices, features voice, visuals, and touch screen options. The documentary, exploring the life of the first woman to run for US President in 1872, is accessible on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and in DVD format on AMAZON.

Victoria’s production credits include “The Intuitive Factor; Genius or Chance,” featuring Gary Zukav and parapsychologist Jeffrey Mishlove, showcased on PBS Television, The Wisdom Channel, and Canadian Broadcasts. The audio distribution of this program, titled “Intuition One on One,” includes in-depth interviews with notable figures like remote viewer Joseph McMoneagle.

In January 2016, Victoria launched AYRIAL, a revolutionary body, mind, and spirit community featuring the best psychics, astrologers, and spiritual mediums. AYRIAL is set to unveil a unique smartphone APP in the Spring, providing clients with easy access to top lifestyle consultants and engaging inspirational content. Connect with VictorialynnWeston.com

Victoria has also proudly graced the spotlight in both local and national media, showcasing her expertise and insights: