Famous Astrologer Constance Stellas:  February Eclipses Juice Things Up

Written by Astrologer & Best Selling Author, Constance Stellas


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This February in the heavens we have a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse. Eclipses come in pairs and there are usually 4 every year. Think of eclipses like a long lasting Red Bull.  Depending on the sign and degree of the eclipse they can affect your personal horoscope as well as countries and world affairs.   The implications of eclipses are not necessarily dire but they always shake things up. Let’s take a look at both February eclipses.

Feb 10-11th marks a total penumbral lunar eclipse.  This is a subtle eclipse; at no time during the eclipse does there appear to be a dark bite taken out of the moon.  Instead at mid eclipse observant people will notice a shading on the moon’s face.  The total duration of the eclipse is 4 hours and 19 minutes and it begins at 5:34 pm, New York time. The maximum shadow will come at 7:43pm and the eclipse concludes at 9:53 pm.    This eclipse will be visible throughout Europe, most of Asia, Africa and North America.

Astronomers measure the eclipses; astrologers ask how an eclipse might affect individuals and countries?  This lunar eclipse will be at 22 degrees of Leo; therefore, it will be particularly sensitizing for Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius natives.  These 4 fixed signs all connect in different ways to the eclipse point.  The fixed signs have very strong personalities; they are called fixed signs because in pursuit of their goals they dig in their heels and don’t let go until the goal is completed.  If you belong to one of these signs you may feel energized and blocked….a paradoxical combo. This eclipse energy could uncover your true feelings but you may feel you need to wear a polite social mask.  People will probably express themselves more from their egos rather than from generosity; simmering anger will find a target.

The animation shows approximately what the eclipse looks like from the night side of the Earth.

On the world stage a lunar eclipse, of course, affects politicians.  We can expect the daily agitation and noisy news to crescendo.  Our current President has a Leo ascendant and this February eclipse will fall in his house of hidden enemies and secrets.  We shall see.  The stars don’t judge or take sides they tell us the quality of energy flowing but not necessarily how it will manifest.

The next eclipse on February 26th is an annular eclipse of the Sun.  The annular eclipse is when a narrow ring of the Sun is visible beyond the dark mask of the Moon.  This eclipse is at 8 degrees of Pisces. It will affect the mutable signs:  Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius.  We can expect these very changeable signs to feel confused and hazy about how to move forward.  Solar eclipses affect the actions we need to take in our personal lives yet this eclipse clouds the path forward; again a paradoxical blend.

My cosmic cosmic advice for eclipses is keep close to your center and do what you feel you can manage.   In the week before the eclipse do not take major decisions or make major changes.  They usually will not prove wise and will eventually be reversed.

If we imagine the ancients watching as the Moon or Sun darken we can get a feeling of how awesome an eclipse event was.  Today we are not necessarily in awe of nature but we can feel the energy of an eclipse and sense that something must change.  It will.  Ride the feeling out and see what changes you can make in your life.

Stay tuned:  the eclipse on August 21, dubbed The Great American Eclipse, should be a doozy.


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