An AYRIAL Exclusive Offer: Schedule a private session with spiritual medium, Pamela Forseth for $95.


AYRIAL, the leading online body, mind and spirit community presents an AYRIAL Exclusive Offer for you to receive a special discount on a session with an authentic psychic medium,  Pamela Forseth.

Trying to find an authentic psychic and spiritual medium among the hundreds that populate in internet searches can be daunting.  AYRIAL saves you the time searching the internet to feature vetted psychic and spiritual mediums.

Pamela Forseth is a gifted spiritual medium who is also gifted with the art of automatic handwriting known as “psychography.”  Follow Pam

About Spiritual Medium, Pamela Forseth

Pamela’s Spiritual Medium Sessions:

Internationally known spiritual medium, Pamela Forseth has connected and been of service to those all across the globe including New Zealand, Australia, England, Germany, United States and her homeland, Canada.

Pam is highly regarded for her compassion, truth and honesty. She is direct and to the point. She brings forth many validations and specifics so that you know she is connected to Spirit, your loved ones. She prides herself on truth and honesty, and bringing forth anything that is only for your highest good.

“It is an honor to connect with your loved ones. It amazes me still, with all that they bring forward for you to know, that I am connected to your loved ones. I ask for many validations from Spirit for how would I know, a thought, a word, a song, a conversation you had just had with someone, a favorite meal…. so on and so forth. Bringing forth messages from your loved ones… is my purpose, my path. It humbles me each and every time. Thank you for allowing me to connect with your loved ones…”

AYRAL Exclusive Offer: Schedule a private session for $95

Spiritual medium, Pamela Forseth is passionate about helping people.  She understand the pain of losing a loved one.  Today, she has partnered with AYRIAL to provide you with a special private session fee;  for a limited time, you can schedule a 30-minute session for $95.  This offer is only available through AYRIAL.

If you have always wanted to consult with an authentic spiritual medium, this is an excellent opportunity for you.  Pamela consults with clients around the globe who gladly pay her standard hourly fee of $250.  Her gallery sessions with limited seating are booked for $750.

For a limited time,  you can experience what some of her clients call “angelic” and highly accurate messages from spirit for $95. for a 30-minute session.

“You give of your time unselfishly, never seeking anything in return. Your words offer comfort, hope and inspiration and are delivered in the kindest manner. Your timing is uncanny with your messages. You are indeed a gift to us all from the angels above.”Samantha Smith

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What Pamela’s Clients Are Saying:

“I am very blessed to have met such a wonderful person like Pam. She has touched my heart in so many ways. The way that she can help people is unbelievable. The messages she brings forward are not only healing but they are also very wise. Pam is such a generous person full of love and light and I am very honoured to have met this beautiful gift from god. She is our earth angel.” – Chelsey Lynn Revoy

“I can’t thank you enough for actually calling me back yesterday for my 50th birthday reading….it was enlightening, moving, thought provoking, motivating and most generous….you have a true gift and I thank you for sharing it with me.” Saraha

“It’s truly been an honour to know someone such as Pam, so gifted and full of love. With her refreshing and down to earth personality, it would be very difficult to not smile in her company! I completed 2 of my Reiki levels through her classes. Each was a pleasure, I gained knowledge and confidence through her teachings. She helped me come into my gifts on so many levels. I will always be grateful and hold her in a special place within my heart. I wish her all the best on her journey.” – Sam Pernoski

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