An AYRIAL Exclusive Offer: Schedule a private session with psychic and tarot reader, Sunanda Sharma for $95.


AYRIAL, the leading online body, mind and spirit community presents an AYRIAL Exclusive Offer for you to receive a special discount on a session with an authentic psychic and tarot card reader, Sunanda Sharma.

Trying to find an authentic psychic and tarot card reader among the thousands of names that populate in internet searches can be daunting.  AYRIAL saves you the time searching the internet to feature vetted psychics, tarot card readers and spiritual mediums.

With a global client list, Sunanda is a gifted psychic, spiritual counselor and Tarot reader who helps individuals grow spiritually and find their life’s purpose.  Follow Sunanda

About Psychic and Tarot Card Reader Sunanda Sharma

Born and raised in India, Sunanda Sharma is a gifted psychic, tarot reader and spiritual counselor with many achievements. She’s also been the recipient of many honors, awards and achievements including; Recipient of ‘Special award for Humanitarian Services in the World 2016-17’,  Recipient of Best Lightworker award for the year 2016-17, The Tarot Super Achievers Awards in India – 2013,  Super Achievers Award for ‘Spiritual Counseling’ by NGO Bharat Nirman.  Sahara TV invited her to host her own show focusing on Tarot Readings. She has been a member of Certified Psychic Society (USA) since 2013.

AYRAL Exclusive Offer: Schedule a private session for $95

Psychic and Tarot Card reader, Sunanda Sharma has partnered with AYRIAL to provide you with a special private session fee;  for a limited time, you can schedule a 30-minute session for $95.  This offer is only available through AYRIAL.

For a limited time,  you can experience an authentic Tarot Card reading from a highly accurate psychic for $95. for a 30-minute session.

“Ms. Sunanda Sharma named the best psychic, tarot reader and healer categories. It has been a singular privilege to have known Sunanda for the last 1- Year and availed of her astutely insightful, ‘Tarot Readings’. She is a GR8 “Social Shrink” with accurate predictions / guidance of things to come by.” – Dinesh Malhotra, India

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What Sunanda’s Clients Are Saying:

Sunandra Sharma tarot reader

“Sunanda’s reading was very good. I felt I was listening to a friend who knew me and my family intimately.  She hit on some very interesting points and made predictions I can’t wait to unfold.  I look forward to future readings!” MaryAnn, Atlanta

“I have known Sunanda Sharma for several years but I sought her tarot card consultation in 2011. She is an outstanding tarot card reader with extraordinary psychic powers that predict accuracy. I had consulted her when my son joined junior college in Mumbai. I couldn’t believe when she mentioned the two colleges where he would get admission. As per her prediction my son did get calls from both the colleges. Later while going abroad, she also predicted that he will go to Canada and it truly happened even before we started processing the papers. Today, I keep consulting her for health, or other problems. Each session I find her predictions translating into reality. She is amazing. I am sure those who will contact Sunanda for Tarot Reading will never be disappointed. She is gentle and reassuring. Her inner calm and patience makes her readings so accurate. No wonder she has been voted as one of the best psychic reader even in USA!Ms Cauvery Mukherjee, Colaba, Mumbai

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