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I’m Victoria lynn Weston and here’s your AYRIAL Newsflash for the week of October 16, 2017.

This episode is all about astrology, feng shui and intuition. So listen up!

Today, THE COSMIC FORECAST by astrologer and best selling author, Constance Stellas says, Venus is now in her own adorable sign: Libra. Love, beauty, art, and shopping all are very positive. Mercury has also moved to the most penetrating profound sign of Scorpio. Good time to get to the bottom of things!

AND…New Moon on Thursday. Beginning of a new energy cycle. Get your motors running and intentions focusing. Next two weeks will be filled with new energy and events.

Amanda Gibby Peters, Founder of Simple Shui shares this Fall feng shui tip; If you’ve been caught off guard by gossip, gourds are a season-friendly solution. Place them by your front door to trap that negative energy and open up space enough for you to respond rather than react.
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We all get intuitive flashes, but some of us are unsure how to harness it… how to trust our intuition. Try this exercise:  when ordering from a restaurant menu – go with your first impression.  Perhaps it’s the vegetarian plate but you think the chicken plate is good too.  Go with your first impression.  Remind yourself how often you chose your first dinner of choice but settled on a second food option. When dinner was served, your dinner companion ordered what your first impression was and you get to taste it, it’s so good… and then you say, “that was my first choice, I should have ordered that!”

This restaurant menu exercise will have you trusting your intuitive flashes quickly and confidently instead of second guessing yourself.

Our AYRIAL TalkTime featured podcast for this week is how to It’s all about love, romance and marriage in today’s episode with certified feng shui expert Sybilla Lenz. Today she sits down with host Victoria lynn Weston to provide authentic feng shui tips on how to make subtle changes in your home, bedroom and office to open up opportunities for love and romance. In addition, Sybilla shares tips on how to create a “loving” environment for the holidays, starting with Thanksgiving.

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