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I’m Victoria lynn Weston and here’s your AYRIAL Newsflash for the week of October 23rd,  2017.

Here’s the The Cosmic Forecast astrologer and best selling author, Constance Stellas says, the days are getting shorter, Halloween is looming and the SUN Moves to Scorpio early (1:27am) Monday morning.  With Jupiter already in Scorpio, this most profound and mysterious sign will be having a good time of it.

Amanda Gibby Peters, Founder of Simple Shui shares this Fall feng shui tip; the word ‘bat’ in Chinese is pronounced the same as ‘happiness’ – as such, it is regarded a very auspicious animal. If you’re in the market for some money magic, place a few bats around the yard or front door with the intention of overcoming any financial bad luck!

Amanda also shared a Halloween feng shui tip; Salt is one of the most yang, natural elements – and it offers protection from unwanted, negative energies. So, whether it is at a festive party or on Halloween night, salt is a good thing to have on hand when good and bad energies collide. Instead of simply leaving bowls of salt out, however, let’s make this more glamorous, yes? Use Himalayan salt candle holders around the house to set the mood AND keep negative ions (nature’s feel good vibes) floating through the air!

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AYRIAL’s featured member is Constance Stellas.  She is a prolific writer, radio personality who loves Greek food who plays classical and ragtime piano.  If you’ve always been sitting on the fence about getting an astrology reading – Astrology interprets the positions of the heaven at the time and place of a person’s birth. This map is similar a recipe or blueprint for the life. It can inform a person about their talents, abilities, and challenges that he or she will face throughout life. The beauty of astrology is that it can address all levels of existence: body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Constance is also a best selling author of several books including; Astrology Gift GuideAdvanced Astrology for Lifeand The Everything Sex Signs Book: Astrology Between the Sheets. 

She has also ventured into waters few women have gone, she’s the creator and author of a graphic novel series, Tree of Keys,  The story traces the journey of 12 orphans as they become Astro Heroes based on qualities, talents, and challenges of each astrological sign… and save the world. The first edition, Threshold of Fire is available on Amazon.

Our AYRIAL TalkTime featured podcast interview features; author, speaker and hypnotherapist, Kathy Gruber, Ph.D.  I had the pleasure of talking with her about her recent TEDx talk, how she uses hypnotherapy to help her clients recover quickly from surgery and how to start a simple conversation.

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