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I’m Victoria lynn Weston and here’s your AYRIAL Newsflash for the week of October 9, 2017.

With Halloween clicking at our heels, it’s time to add a little dazzle with feng shui.  Feng Shui consultant Amanda Gibby Peters, Founder of Simple Shui shares this; Orange represents the element Fire, which is associated with conversation and communication. Orange is also regarded as the color wheel’s cheeky best friend, making it an excellent hue to use during holiday socializing. And when people are giving you shade — like neighbors or co-workers — it is your go-to color for opening those lines of communication. Put some orange flowers between your neighboring houses or bring a bundle of orange blooms into the office for your desk every week, and watch things rocket boost a better direction!

Learn more about Amanda Gibby Peters You can check out all her awesome feng shui tips on or her website;
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This month, one of our AYRIAL members is running free promotions for our listeners: If you’re haunted by a dream you’ve had but don’t know what it means, dream expert Dr. David Low, PhD is offering a free dream consultation – just email him the details of your dream at Dr. Low holds several advanced degrees in religious studies and counseling and has worked as an adjunct professor and substance abuse counselor.

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Are you a parent feeling challenged with your child who’s unruly or not focused on school homework?

This month, AYRIAL welcomes our newest member, Julie Bell Buras, a certified feng shui consultant who likes to work with parents to help discipline unruly kids or help their kids focus better on school homework. She’s also an intuitive life coach and empath. Julie consults by telephone, in-person, or via SKYPE. You can find more information on AYRIAL.

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Our AYRIAL TalkTime featured podcast for this week is how to use feng shui to combat anger and anxiousness. Every one has anger or feels frustrated at times.

On one hand, anger is a natural response to a situation, especially if you are physically threatened or emotionally abused. However, anger can quickly erupt into a destructive pattern; turning into rage and violence. I sat down with Feng Shui practitioner and Founder of Feng Shui Storyboard, Katherine Metz to address how the Las Vegas shooter’s rage of anger may have been prevented. Katherine will offer practical feng shui tips that can reduce anger and other health issues.

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