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I’m Victoria lynn Weston and here’s your AYRIAL.COM Newsflash for the week of September 25, 2017.

Autumn has finally arrived after a long, hot, crazy summer. So, what will the cooler months bring? Bestselling author and renowned astrologer Constance Stellas says… Autumn Equinox is in place. We begin to have longer nights leading to Winter Solstice on Dec. 21.  For Libra,  this week is relationship central.  Your native desire to connect with a partner is enhanced in autumn. And with Jupiter also in your sign, Libra, the generous vibe should make relationships expansive and fun.

AYRIAL’s Feng Shui Alexa Skills for Amazon Echo and Echo Dot devices are making the news! Our thanks go out to KINDRED SPIRIT magazine for featuring us in their September/October issue. If you’re interested in feng shui, enable the skill, and then say ‘Alexa, open Feng Shui’ for the latest tips to on how you can redesign your life by redesigning your living space.

In the AYRIAL spotlight this month is medical intuitive healer Susan Shadburne. At the height of her career writing Academy Award-nominated short films and producing, writing, and directing feature-length films, she was completely disabled by Multiple Sclerosis. Instead of giving up, Susan healed herself. She spent 15 years and over 30,000 hours researching the way energy manifests in both health and disease, and turned that knowledge into a new life as a healer. Today, Susan works with health care professionals and clients by phone and Skype. If you’re interested in receiving a medical or emotional scan and healing, or getting a sharper focus on your relationships, contact Susan on under AYRIAL members section.

AYRIAL welcomes our newest member, certified health and life coach, and feng shui practitioner, Kimber Klein. Whether you wear a size 2 or 20, Kimber can craft a plan to help you love your body and embrace your perfectly imperfect self through holistic nutrition, and preventive and maintenance health coaching. You can find Kimber on AYRIAL.COM under our AYRIAL Members section.

Love a good steak or burger, but concerned about the way it is produced and its devastating effects on the environment? You’re not alone. This week on AYRIAL TalkTime, the official podcast of AYRIAL.COM, I’ll be speaking with David Low, Ph.D. about CLEAN MEAT, a revolutionary new meat product created a laboratory setting, not a slaughterhouse.  It might sound like something out of science fiction, but with investors like Bill Gates and Richard Branson, CLEAN MEAT may prove to be the meal of the future.

If you’ve been having odd dreams, erotic dreams or nightmares lately, David Low, Ph.D. is offering a complimentary dream analysis for AYRIAL TalkTime listeners. If you’d like to have David interpret your dream, send him an email at and learn more about him and dream interpretation on

Have you ever wanted to talk with a spiritual medium but not sure where to find someone reputable? does the work for you. We feature vetted and recommended spiritual mediums, like Colleen Vanderzyden, Lauren Bortolami Robbins, Pam Forseth and Rose Hart. Go and click on the PSYCHICS/SPIRITUAL MEDIUMS links on the home page.

And speaking of Rose Hart, she’s our guest on today’s featured podcast. Rose talks about what it was like to grow up with psychic abilities and her method for spirit communication. Check out AYRIAL TalkTime on iTunes, Stitcher, or on for more information.

Last month, Amazon announced a new partnership with Microsoft. Soon, Alexa Skills will be searchable on the Windows 10’s Cortana app and Cortana searches will be searchable on Alexa. Devices using Windows 10 account for a staggering half-billion users worldwide, so if you’re an entrepreneur looking to expand your business’ marketing efforts and want to get in on one of the fastest-growing media platforms, this may prove to be a game-changer.

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