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AYRIAL Today: What is Dowsing? AYRIAL TalkTime Podcast; A True Irishman Joins AYRIAL.

Hi, I’m Victoria and here’s your daily roundup of body, mind and spirit happenings.


Are you curious about dowsing?  As a kid, I tried dowsing with the forked stick. In my case, instead the stick gravitating downwards toward the water vein, it would go straight up in the air.  Years later, in Georgia, I dowsed for water veins with friends and experienced the same thing!  My conversation with Colleen Flanagan talks about dowsing and a variety of holistic tips.

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A True Irishman Joins AYRIAL

AYRIAL welcomes Gerry Phoenix, a native Irish living in Stockholm, Sweden who owns a Life Coaching & Acupuncture Clinic. He has over 15 years of Experience in Holistic Therapy & Coaching.  Gerry works with clients from around the globe offering NLP Life Coaching Sessions, and as a Health Coach;  one-one sessions,  group sessions and online Coaching sessions. He has worked with individuals, professionals, corporate CEOs, Actors/Directors/Producers and Artists/Musicians as well as International Sports Stars.  Here’s a little fun fact about Gerry:  he’s frequently mistaken for the singer George Michael!  I invite you to connect with Gerry on the Featured Members Section on

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