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AYRIAL Today: Feng Shui Tips for Selling Your Home; Mercury Retrograde Mayhem.

Hi, I’m Victoria and here’s your daily roundup of body, mind and spirit happenings.

This week on AYRIAL TalkTime, our AYRIAL podcast, I sat down with feng shui consultant, Sybilla Lenz who provided a variety of easy feng shui tips to get your home ready to sell!  A few tips include:

  • What to do with a home that  has no landscape.
  • Implement simple feng shui tips to the entrance, architectural lighting,
  • How do remove negative energy that may linger in the home.

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Mercury Retrograde Mayhem or Misunderstanding?

A few times a year, the planet Mercury goes retrograde, or so it appears. Depending on the planet that it is retrograde in has an impact on you individually.  Mostly, people have experienced; misunderstandings – so be sure to speak slowly and articuluately.  People tend to run late for appointments, there’s electrical and computer issues.  One thing, it is an excellent time to clean up projects that you’ve delayed and it is not a good time to start a new project.

Business Insider writes:

  • Mercury retrograde — or more scientifically, Mercury apparent retrograde motion — is a real phenomenon.
  • It’s an optical illusion that astronomers can observe as Mercury speeds past the Earth a few times every year.

As one NASA website explains it:

“You can experience this effect for yourself. Start out standing side by side with a friend. Have a friend walk forward slowly. Now you walk forward at a faster speed. Watch your friend and think about how they are moving relative to you. At first, they move away, then as you pass them, they appear to be moving backward relative to you — even though they are still walking forward.”

It’s all about perspective.

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