AYRIAL TalkTime: Get inspired – Get creative.  Guest Kristin Short shows us how to break through creative barriers

(AYRIAL TalkTime) Host Victoria lynn Weston talks with a professional Life Coach, Kristin Short about her area of focus working with novel writers, screenwriters and artists to help them break through barriers to produce their best work possible.

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Kristin Short works with artists, writers, and creative professionals to create the art they dream of and the life of their dreams. Coaching, feng shui, and energy work serve as creative tools for artists to breakthrough creative blocks, depression, anxiety and more.

“I guide open-minded individuals on the path of fulfilling their most wild and creative dreams. Through life coaching, Feng Shui, and Energy Work we enter a world filled with clarity, connection, and purpose. On this creative path of Freedom, one can continuously discover and express their infinite potential.”Kristin Short

Meet Kristin Short

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