AYRIAL TalkTime Guest – Guy Isabel Spiritual Medium Automatic Handwriter

(AYRIAL TalkTime) The most common form of mediumship is automatic handwriting where an individual, most often a spiritual medium who, without the control of the conscious self allows spirit to write out messages on paper.  Automatic handwriting started in the 18th century and is the source e source e of some of the most interesting and intriguing cases of mediumship.  Victoria talks with spiritual medium and automatic handwriter Guy Isabel about his unique abilities.


Guy Isabel Automatic Handwriting Spiritual headshot

Guy Isabel is a spiritual medium, which means he receives communications with highly evolved beings of light through a kind of automatic writing called mechanical. By this gift  that he has been granted, “I communicate regularly with my guardian angel, spiritual guides, the dead, souls being part of my family of souls in order to receive advices in life and messages of love to transmit to those left behind to relieve their pain, help them moving forward in their incarnations or understand their mission of life. It may also happen that in order to understand a current life, it is useful to obtain information about past lives.”

Meet Guy Isabel

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