AYRIAL TalkTime: New York Psychic Medium Marina Margulis Talks about Carl Jung and Tarot Readings

(AYRIAL TalkTime) Host Victoria lynn Weston’s guest is known as the New York Medium, Marina Margulis who discusses the Tarot Cards and Swiss psychologist Carl Jung’s approach:  Understanding the Jungian approach to Tarot Card Reading.  Marina has a background in academia; she’s sassy, brilliant and delivers a lively conversation.  


Most psychic mediums have been aware of their abilities since childhood.  Not Marina.  One morning she woke up with her gift. Since, psychic medium Marina Margulis who is also known as, “the New York Medium consults with individuals to help them to fulfill their goals and to become more aware of what life has in store for each of them.

As a professional intuitive coach, Marina Margulis helps individuals understand the challenges they are faced with and offers valuable insight to overcome them.  In addition to her intuition, she likes to include one of the oldest divination tools, Tarot Cards, to help map out one’s future.

When asked about her gift, Marina Margulis says, “I believe that my job as a messenger between our world and that of Spirit is to help the living fulfill their life’s purpose by showing them that every ending is just a new beginning.”

Marina Margulis lives in New York City and consults via person, telephone and SKYPE.  In addition, she hosts a variety of workshops including how to read Tarot Cards.

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Marina Margulis, New York Medium

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