AYRIAL TalkTime: Psychic Discovery with Psychic Medium Lauren Bortolami 

(AYRIAL TalkTime) Learn a little about insights into psychics with Victoria and her guest, psychic medium and spiritual teacher, Lauren Bortolami Robbins.  Follow AYRIAL

When do psychics become psychic? #psychicmedium @AYRIAL7


Lauren Bortolami Professional Psychic Medium

Lauren Bortolami Robbins is a natural born gifted psychic medium who delivers heartfelt, loving and compassionate messages from deceased family and loved ones.

She has trained in spiritual and holistic modalities and specializes in private angel, psychic medium, and healing sessions, spiritual training, and medium gallery events. She resides in Boston, Massachusetts and offers private sessions in person, telephone and online, as well as hosting group gallery event readings.

Raised Catholic, Lauren has a strong belief of God and always incorporates prayer into her psychic medium readings, spiritual healings and teachings.

AYRIAL has tested this member and recommends their services.AYRIAL has tested Lauren via “cold readings” and has ranked high based on details, specifics, timeframes and accuracy. We recommend her and her services.  Lauren has also received over 165 glowing reviews from her clients! 

Meet Lauren Bortolami Robbins

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