AYRIAL Welcomes Founder of FORTE Fitness as Newest Member

AYRIAL-FB-2(MediaQuire) Atlanta, GA – AYRIAL, a leading association of body, mind and spirit lifestyle consultants proudly welcomes Lauren Foundos, Founder and CEO of Fortë.fit, “the Netflix of streaming fitness apps.”

Lauren has religiously been attending boutique fitness studios for the past ten years and has developed strong relationships in the studio space, as well as, from her prior athletic career. Lauren excelled in sports growing up because she never viewed practice or working out as a chore. She has always been disciplined as an athlete, as well as, a leader and captain on her athletic teams. Lauren also plays the violin, piano, and loves to ski. Lauren’s overall enthusiasm for life and ability to motivate others has helped her find success in her career on Wall Street, and will continue as she sets out to revolutionize the fitness industry with Fortë; the Netflix of Fitness Apps!

“We are thrilled to welcome Lauren Foundos, the Founder and President of Fortë, ‘the Netflix of streaming workouts.’  Working out in your home via your TV, computer, tablet or smartphone makes working out convenient,” says Victoria lynn Weston, Founder and President of AYRIAL. “AYRIAL is about a healthy lifestyle, intuitive thinking and living life to the fullest everyday.”

For the past five years Lauren Foundos has worked on Whitaker’s government bond-trading desk as an institutional US Treasury broker helping to dramatically increase their UST Short Coupon and Bill desk revenues. Prior to that she worked at Deutsche Bank in Synthetic Equities and Cloudview Capital Management, a global-macro hedge fund, as a trading assistant.

Lauren Foundos, CEO Founder FORTE

For more information about Lauren Foundos and Fortë, visit:

Lauren Foundos – Fortë

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