Bach Flower Therapy: A holistic approach to treatment

Originally formulated by Dr. Edward Bach, the essences are extracted from flowers, trees, and other plants. The Bach Flower Remedies concentrate on the vibrational energy of the plant, in recognition of the strong connection between emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

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“When Patsy provided her Feng Shui services for my home a few years back, I assumed it was going to be a simple consultation where she would make suggestions where to optimally reposition our furniture, but it was so much more than that. Her in-depth process went as far as asking deep yet discrete personal questions for each family member in my household before she even looked at our overall layout of the house. This was in effort to get to the root of our natural energy flow and family dynamics. Before she even visited our physical space, she had intuitively gathered our soul-prints that make up our home. Patsy’s passion and eye for detail with her work is best experienced first-hand. She has left a lasting impact on my family and she is committed to do the same for you.” ~ Herman Olivera III – CT, USA
Herman Olivera III - CT, USA
“Getting to know Patsy and having her share her holistic lifestyle with my family, has encouraged me greatly to find myself and recognize myself as a better human being. Her charisma, love, and the energy she transmits motivates one to be a better person. At the same time, Patsy worked along with my wife to achieve a home full of positive energy, harmony, love, wisdom, and plenty of peace. Thank you, Patsy, through your knowledge, energy, and good vibes, you have been able to harmonize our home and our lives with Feng Shui. This has allowed us to be much happier.”
Jose S. Menendez | El Salvador
“Patsy is great, she will not only help you to improve your home thru the small details but will give you the best life tips ever! We got a new home and before moving in, we had a consultation where she helped us understand what would be better for our living spaces and how particular adjustments would work and align with our overall life wishes. We were really comfortable with her approach and the energy she transmitted, so peaceful and enlightened, made us feel very comfortable to take in all of her recommendations. Now, our new house feels good, peaceful, harmonious, and is in-sync with our life intentions. Thank you Patsy for all the knowledge you share with us and will fully recommend her to anyone who wants to improve her life through Feng Shui.”
Dianne Pérez | El Salvador
“The Feng Shui service and Space Clearing performed by Patsy was so powerful and really resonated with me. I am so grateful for the work that she does.”
Nicole Levy, Spa Director - TX, USA
“Although I had been familiar for Feng shui and practiced simple principles, I was moved by the breadth and extent of Patsy’s greater understanding and application of precise “cures” to the significant challenges I was at the time facing. I firmly believe that her wisdom and practical tasks began the chain of powerful and rapid transformation that led me to sell my home, separate from an unhealthy marriage and move my children to a new state where our lives began to thrive.”
Adora Winquist, ADORAtherapy Founder & Chief Mood Booster - NC, USA
“I had such a good experience at Patsy’s Feng Shui class. Her presentation was beautiful, clear, and full of wise thoughts. Patsy not only shared her knowledge about Feng Shui, but also her wisdom and intuition about Life.”
Ana Goncalves - TX, USA
“I am always drawn to teachers who have a passion for their work and whose passion is strongly rooted in deep skill and knowledge. This is Patsy Balacchi, Feng Shui teacher and practitioner. She shares generously, listens with both her mind and her heart, and leads you to make the changes that fit your home, or office to bring harmony and balance while optimizing potential. Patsy helped me make several significant changes in my wellness center that shifted the energy immediately. People noticed and were drawn to return. Patsy is a valuable resource and an amazing woman. Her devotion to serve and to spread peace and harmony through Feng Shui inspires and challenges others to do the same. And when you reach out to her, ask her to work some magic with her oils!”
Rosa Glenn Reilly, Spectrum Center Director & Founder, TX, USA

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Let Me Share My Story…

Simply stated, my health is my wealth. That is my daily mantra and the reason why I do my work. I am peaceful when I am in alignment with energy, nature, and light. Practicing Feng Shui and complementary life-building, healing methods is my passion. I am filled with joy putting them into practice each day.


I’m a Certified BTB (Black Hat Tibetan Tantric Buddhism) International Feng Shui Consultant. I also work with Bach Flower remedies to help restore emotional balance in individuals, children, pets, and even plants (your flower and veggie gardens will thank you for this). Each remedy corresponds to a basic human emotion and is designed to naturally restore emotional stability. They are pure, non-toxic, non-habit-forming, simple, gentle, yet highly-effective.

A new Energy healing modality I am thrilled to share with you is Marconic Energy Healing. Marconics is heralded as the new vehicle for Ascension. It helps people drop the density out of their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies by raising their energetic signature so they can thrive in the new energy. As a Certified Marconics Practitioner, I serve as the bridge to your higher vibrational frequency.

Another complementary holistic practice I offer is Aromatherapy paired with stones & crystals. I combine personalized essential oil blends to create a unique therapeutic oasis for you. This synergy works exceptionally well in revitalizing and calming your mood; and connecting you to your centered SELF.

I welcome the opportunity to support your shifting energy, to guide you through your healing process, to harmonize, beautify, and clear your space of sluggish and dissonant energy. I offer a sensible approach, my intuitive abilities, and hands-on experience to you.

If you are seeking a better quality of life, yearning to reclaim your own vitality, or solely welcoming new opportunities for growth and expansion, I’d love to work with you. Connect with me. >

“I can’t think of anyone I would trust more to open this part of myself to and trust to guide me.” – Dr. Dava Michelson, Acupuncture Physician D.M.Q.

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