Best Holistic Healers – Wellness Advisers – Medical Intuitives

AYRIAL features vetted health coaches & wellness advisers, holistic healthy healing practitioners, medical intuitives and intuitive transformational healers.  They all have the knowledge and experience to help you.  Any information you receive should be used as adjunct to your fact and logic.  Please call your doctor for medical advice.

AYRIAL consultants are exceptional and provide thoughtful, confidential sessions. Most work by appointment.  Click image to view full profile of each consultant. 

Lauren Foundos
Lauren FoundosCEO & Founder of FORTE
Lauren’s overall enthusiasm for life and ability to motivate others has helped her find success in her career on Wall Street, but it’s also compelled her to revolutionize the fitness industry with Fortë.
Kimber Klein
Kimber KleinWellness Coach - Feng Shui Consultant
Kim helps women accept and celebrate their imperfections so they can enjoy living healthy and happy lives. Kim received her training as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s cutting-edge Health Coach Training Program.
Elaine Cheung
Elaine CheungIntuitive Transformational Healer
Elaine Cheung is an intuitive transformational healer who is a PSYCH-K Faciliator, Quantum Touch Practitioner and Tera-Mai Seichem Healer. She helps individuals with trauma, addiction and life beliefs.
Julie Ryan
Julie RyanMedical Intuitive
(Coming Soon!) As a medical intuitive, Julie Ryan can scan a person’s energy field and see (in her mind’s eye) medical conditions. It’s as if I’m looking at film from an x-ray or MRI. She can detect a variety of medical conditions.
Bio-BalanceIntegrative Health Care Professional
Dr. Bonnie Bennett combines her medical background with thirty years of classical homeopathy and takes a whole-system approach to regenerative healing to help individuals.