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Sylvie de Gl
Sylvie de GlHow To Discover The True Woman Within!
A French businesswoman, Sylvie de Gil is a a prominent member in the worlds of fashion, nutrition, and spirituality. She has dedicated her life to empowering and uplifting women through fashion, weight-loss and spiritual enlightenment.
Viviana Estrada
Viviana EstradaLife Coach - Chinese Astrologer - Feng Shui
Viviana Estrada is a certified Life Coach who has a desire to help you succeed in life.
Diana Cason
Diana CasonLife Mastery Coach - Vibration Mastery Program
An expert in vibrational alignment with Spirit, Diana has studied and practiced metaphysical principles for over 25 years. She facilitates Vibration Mastery workshops and provides private life coaching to elevate self-esteem, develop self-trust, and create life on purpose.
Kristin Short
Kristin ShortLife Purpose Coach
Kristin works with open-minded individuals to guide them to a world filled with clarity, connection, and purpose through life coaching, Feng Shui, and Energy Work.
Vanessa Newport
Vanessa NewportManifest Your Midlife Makeover
Vanessa founded and created her signature program; Manifest Your Midlife Makeover: Consciously Create Your Comeback, to help women & men create a midlife makeover plan so their second half can become their best half, in just 12 weeks.
Isa Styles
Isa StylesIntuitive Consultant - Mind-Body Trainer
Isa is an intuitive adviser for personal, business growth and mind-body training. She also empowers clients to strengthen their intuition. Certified Sophrologist, Reiki Master and NLP Practitioner.
Laura Novakowski, RN, MBA
Laura Novakowski, RN, MBAPositive Power Strategies - Power Up Your Vibration
Laura Novakowski, is a Change and Implementation Facilitator. As Founder and President of Positive Power Strategies, Inc., Laura works with professionals to: Assess personal, professional, strengths, talents and opportunities. Her programs include: First Step to Great Leadership – Creating a Compelling Vision.
Joseph Eliezer, MTC, RPC, MPCP
Joseph Eliezer, MTC, RPC, MPCPIntuition-Enhanced-Psychotherapy
Joseph practices Intuition-Enhanced Psychotherapy, which is enhanced by the use of both therapist and client’s intuitive processes.