AYRIAL 2022 Annual Awards to Recognize Excellence in Psychic & Spiritual Mediums

Atlanta, January 2022 /MediaQuire/ — The world’s #1 prestigious body, mind and spirit lifestyle consultant association, AYRIAL is thrilled to announce its 2022 Best Psychic & Spiritual Mediums Awards today on AYRIAL.com.

The annual AYRIAL Best Psychic & Spiritual Mediums Awards recognizes excellence and integrity of professional spiritual and psychic mediums who provide authentic, accurate insights to their clients.  In return, their clients gain invaluable insight and guidance. The sixth annual AYRIAL Awards goes to:

  • Lauren Robbins  is an acclaimed psychic medium, healer, and spiritual teacher based in Massachusetts. Throughout her career, Lauren has accrued over 350 5-star reviews and is regarded as one of the top 10 best psychic mediums in Massachusetts and worldwide. She has been tested and endorsed by Voices Across the Veil as a Research Medium for science and by AYRIAL, and has been featured on nationally televised documentary programs.
  • Rose Hart  was born psychic and has consulted with individuals for over twenty years. Her clients find her to be the most detailed and accurate spiritual medium providing them with practical information to guide them.  She works with young people to help in career matters as well as adults. She is passionate about helping her clients.
  • Marc Lainhart  created The Intuitive Prospector™ to help and serve others to achieve an awesome lifestyle for many “Spiritual Prospectors” looking for their own personal “Spiritual Gold,” and to live, learn, and love each day through many “Soul Adventures.” Marc’s clients seek his guidance for professional and personal needs to enhance their lives.

“I’m always delighted to announce our annual AYRIAL Best Psychic & Spiritual Mediums Awards, says AYRIAL Founder and President, Victoria lynn Weston. “Year after year, it’s crystal clear how important it is to feature vetted and tested psychic & spiritual mediums.  AYRIAL is the best place to connect when seeking authentic psychic & spiritual mediumship insight because they’ve been diligently vetted and tested and editor approved.”

AYRIAL body, mind and spirit lifestyle consultants are featured on AYRIAL.com and the popular Amazon Alexa VOICE platform, “Positive Living“, where users can connect with Alexa and hear daily inspirational and motivational tips to develop your spirituality, intuition including feng shui tips to attract romance.

Interested spiritual and psychic mediums should email a biography summary and are encouraged to submit videos, articles, testimonials, or other supporting documentation to be considered into the AYRIAL Association.

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AYRIAL is the prestigious association that features vetted lifestyle consultants, life coaches, spiritual mediums, feng shui practitioners and more.  Users can easily find and connect with a spiritual medium or life coach online and through their innovative voice platform; AYRIAL Positive Living Alexa Skill.

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