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AYRIAL Member Spotlight: Vetted Intuitive Consultants, Intuitive Counselors & Authentic Spiritual Mediums

Rose Hart
Rose HartSpiritual Medium & Medical Intuitive
Rose is a spiritual medium who inherited her grandmother’s psychic gift; and she passionate to share her abilities with those seeking help.
Guy Isabel
Guy IsabelAutomatic Handwriting - Spiritual Medium
Gisabel is a spiritual medium, who receives communications through a kind of automatic writing called mechanical.
Laurie Huston
Laurie HustonIntuitive Counselor
A Professional Intuitive Counselor, Laurie incorporates her professional qualifications that include a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and mBit Coach and Trainer to help individuals.
Isa Styles
Isa StylesIntuitive Consultant - Mind-Body Trainer
Isa is an intuitive adviser for personal, business growth and mind-body training. She also empowers clients to strengthen their intuition. Certified Sophrologist, Reiki Master and NLP Practitioner.
Marc Lainhart
Marc LainhartThe Intuitive Prospector™
Marc is a intuitive consultant and spiritual medium. “Let’s do a little Spiritual Prospecting for your own Spiritual Gold! Dare to Dream, Dare to Explore, Dare to LIVE!”
Lauren Bortolami
Lauren BortolamiPsychic Medium - Spiritual Teacher
Lauren is a natural born gifted psychic medium who delivers heartfelt, loving and compassionate messages from deceased family and loved ones.
Edith Monique Sarvash
Edith Monique SarvashHolistic Leadership Mentoring & Spiritual Mediumship
Edith believes spirituality is an important aspect of human life and much information can be read from different levels of the human energy system.
Luke Danskin
Luke DanskinPsychic Medium
Psychic Medium for individual sessions. Speaking & Group Spiritual Engagements
Ann Hanson
Ann HansonClairvoyant
With an international client list, Ann has been a professional psychic, clairvoyant, tarot reader for twenty-five years.