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AYRIAL Member Spotlight: Vetted Intuitive Consultants, Intuitive Counselors & Authentic Spiritual Mediums

Rose Hart
Rose HartSpiritual Medium & Medical Intuitive
Rose is a spiritual medium who inherited her grandmother’s psychic gift; and she passionate to share her abilities with those seeking help.
Guy Isabel
Guy IsabelAutomatic Handwriting - Spiritual Medium
Gisabel is a spiritual medium, who receives communications through a kind of automatic writing called mechanical.
MaryBeth Wrenn
MaryBeth WrennPsychic Medium & Aura Reader
MaryBeth Wrenn is one of the leading psychic mediums who actually can read your aura with great detail and accuracy.
Marc Lainhart
Marc LainhartThe Intuitive Prospector™
Marc is a intuitive consultant and spiritual medium. “Let’s do a little Spiritual Prospecting for your own Spiritual Gold! Dare to Dream, Dare to Explore, Dare to LIVE!”
Lauren Bortolami
Lauren BortolamiPsychic Medium - Spiritual Teacher
Lauren is a natural born gifted psychic medium who delivers heartfelt, loving and compassionate messages from deceased family and loved ones.
Luke Danskin
Luke DanskinPsychic Medium
Psychic Medium for individual sessions. Speaking & Group Spiritual Engagements
Ann Hanson
Ann HansonClairvoyant
With an international client list, Ann has been a professional psychic, clairvoyant, tarot reader for twenty-five years.
Isa Styles
Isa StylesIntuitive Consultant - Mind-Body Trainer
Isa is an intuitive adviser for personal, business growth and mind-body training. She also empowers clients to strengthen their intuition. Certified Sophrologist, Reiki Master and NLP Practitioner.