Black Sect Feng Shui Tip: Invite Good Luck Back Into Your Home

If everything is falling apart, someone is sick, money is missing from the bank account, a child is coming home late every night, and you’ve lost your job, you need some help right away. Try any one (or more) of the following:

Place a mirror on the ceiling above the stove, facing the stove. You will raise the chi and luck of the entire household. If you cannot place the mirror, hang a wind chime above the head of the cook at the stove.

Place four lights, one in each corner of the lot. Shine the lights upward. It will bring the chi of the earth upward to nourish and protect you.

Hang a crystal ball in the center of the bedroom, office, and home study. You will distribute the good chi from the center outward to all parts of the home.

If the front door is not working properly, fix it. The good chi will once again flow easily into the house.

Add animals to the household or install a fishpond. The ever-moving chi will help to change the luck from bad to good.

Perform a good deed every day, expecting no reward. The lucky chi will come back to you.

Our entire Feng Shui Storyboard team is wishing you lots of good luck!

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Did you know? Classical/Traditional feng shui and Black Sect schools use the ba-gua differently. Black Sect places it according to the main door. Traditional schools use absolute direction to place the ba-gua according to birth date and time.  And, there are other differences between the two.

Black Sect Feng Shui stands out as a school of thought that moves beyond, but honors and adheres to, the consistent points of traditional Feng Shui. We absorb and incorporate the essence of this ancient art, including the study of Five Element Theory, Yin Yang Theory, and the Later Heaven Ba-gua as an overlay on modern architectural plans (with a slightly revolutionary upside down turn of the trigrams).

Additionally, Black Sect Feng Shui combines the merits of traditional Feng Shui with contemporary knowledge from many disciplines; architecture, urban planning, medicine, psychology, physiology, physics, ecology, etc.

As we work to blend the old and the new, we place an emphasis upon both the mundane (logic and reason) with the transcendental (a set of new logic as yet unknown and often rejected as superstitious).

I believe it is part of our work to move beyond the limits of what is currently considered logical; to suspend our prejudice about the value of all things outside the circle of the known. It is outside the circle that we are offered limitless opportunities to explore ideas and actions that will provide effective solutions to modern dilemmas.

Our practice is non-conventional in that we place an emphasis upon invisible factors—a body, mind and speech reinforcement of Feng Shui adjustments, methods and ceremonies to adjust the chi, and an emphasis on relative position rather than absolute direction.

All this work is strengthened by a spiritual connection including meditation to enhance perception, accuracy and precision of Feng Shui readings.

Many exceptional practitioners practice Black Sect Feng Shui throughout the world. It is with great gratitude that we honor our teacher H. H. Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun, the Master who introduced Black Sect Feng Shui to the Western world and upon whose shoulders we stand.


About Katherine Metz

Katherine Metz, Feng Shui StoryboardKatherine Metz is a Feng Shui Practitioner, Teacher, Mentor, Bau-biologist and a Founding Director of the Feng Shui Guild.  Blending other aspects of her background—a degree in Medical Sociology from the University of Michigan and design experience from owning an interior landscape business—with the Hawaiian and Chinese arts of healing and place, Katherine created The Art of Placement, where she went on to become a highly regarded practitioner, teacher, and lecturer. She has made a lasting mark in reaching out to the public and in her most recent endeavor serving as mentor to a select group of affiliates from around the world.

She has appeared on television and radio across the country. Her name appears in many Feng Shui books as authors acknowledge their teachers, and her writings continue to be used by students and practitioners around the world. In 1998 Katherine was keynote speaker for the 2nd Annual International Feng Shui Conference. She teaches and lectures, upon request, on the art and science of creating a healthy home and workplace.

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