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sharon Wunder GATHER FENG SHUI


Learn this unique and rebellious method of Feng Shui with other like minded conspirers in a nurturing and positive space.  Perfect for DIY’ers.

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• Forums of Support
• Monthly Happy Hour Group Chats

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Wonderful creative ability, attention to detail & true professionalism…

“Sharon has such a wonderful creative ability, attention to detail & true professionalism, it separates her from everyone else. ” – Dawn, Oriental Medicine Practitioner

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About Sharon Wunder

Sharon Wunder - Feng Shui consultant - Life Map Readings - AYRIAL

Sharon Wunder is a Denver based aesthetic lifestyle coach.  Her Conspire Design Method™ blends Feng Shui and Design Principles in a unique and artful way.  Creatives and forward thinkers connect whole heartedly to this practice which speaks the love language of one’s interiors.

Sharon knows that her genealogy would show a straight line to Wonder Woman, not only in namesake but in what she stands for – all while in those boots!!! Oh my!

“Life…it’s just as you arrange it”


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