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BIO BALANCE – A whole-system approach to regenerative healing

From birth throughout life, we are a complex process in evolution.  Our brains continue to develop and our physiological structures change.  These changes are influenced by circumstance, illness or trauma.  Often we find ourselves or observe our loved ones seeking help to be well.

There are many paths to feeling better, but truly being better requires balancing all of our systems cohesively.  Structural imbalances influence our well being and critical functions.  Understanding the source of imbalances informs the path to restoring health.  With unified guidance and advice, we can make a difference.

After thirty years of experience as an osteopathic physician and surgeon treating patients of all ages, Dr. Bonnie Bennett has retired from the formal medical profession and developed Bio Balance, a whole system approach to regenerative healing.  Bio Balance combines cranial energetic neurological assessment and homeopathy to catalyze reactions, counseling and nutrition.

Bio Balance is a clear and nurturing way to identify, prioritize and address our needs.  It is a systematic approach to regenerating and maintaining optimum health.

Dr. Bonnie Bennett, founder of Bio-Balance offers a broad spectrum holistic and homeopathic approach to address birth trauma, developmental problems, accidents, acute/chronic disease and hard to diagnose conditions.  She consults and counsels by telephone and in-person with individuals locally, nationally and globally.  She welcomes infants, children and adults to her practice.

For consultations, appointments and additional information please call: 413.834.2416

Contact Dr. Bonnie Bennett

Elements of Bio Balance

Bio Balance is an integrative practice engaging the whole person in a supportive healing process to find their own harmony and revitalization.  Bio Balance is rooted in the recognition that self-regenerative healing exists. It is our own innate wisdom that heals us.  It is not only possible to tap into this intelligence, but is vital to finding true health at all stages of our lives.

By combining cranial energetics and classical homeopathy, both the structure and function of the human body are deeply evaluated and supported for a higher level of well being. Through nutritional education and counseling, Bio Balance incorporates guidance for habit re-patterning and practicing success with a positive outlook.  This comprehensive approach inspires well being and vitality on many levels:

·       Physical wellness
·       Sensory motor integration
·       Stability through developmental and environmental changes
·       Balanced emotions for harmonious life experience
·       Mental acuity
·       Self-responsibility and engaged will
·       Higher consciousness
·       Compassion
·       PTSD – Accidents
·       Head Injuries – Structural problems – Pain – Stress – Grief

BIO BALANCE requires a partnership in the healing process. This work engages in the present moment, meeting the current expression of the human organism while incorporating a detailed personal history to deepen understanding.

Working together, we grade the intensity and interval of input and importance past, present and wishes for the future of inclusion, reassignment or release.  Each person is given goals and assignments to accomplish between visits to be pursued without judgment.  Each person is offered active support through modalities of cranial energetics, homeopathy, nutrition, counseling, and re-education to engage the most potent nourishing path to self regenerative healing.  This process is revisited and refined as we work together toward true wellness, toward a goal of self care and health stability.

In each of us, innate wisdom leads us naturally to self regeneration.  This intelligence reveals itself quietly, slowly, lovingly.  It whispers its truths to our consciousness.  BIO BALANCE catalyzes your own creative, healing process, and supports the discovery of how to listen and how to

I am honored to offer you myself and my services.

Contact Dr. Bonnie Bennett

For consultations, appointments and additional information please call her office at: 413.834.2416

“Caring and compassionate!  Bonnie exemplifies the best in care practitioners. For over 15 years and three generations of our family, Bonnie has shown her expertise in osteopathic cranial-sacral therapy and classical homeopathy, successfully treating for all manner of concerns. We feel very blessed to have found Bonnie!”  ~ ARP


About Dr. Bonnie Bennett – Holistic Health Specialist

As a child growing up in Philadelphia, I found myself wondering about the miracles of self-regenerative healing.  I was often unwell and socially out of touch.  I had lots of time to imagine what it must be like to be well, to question how wellness happens, and wonder if it could happen for me.  As I grew up, it did!  I then wondered how I could help others along their path of self-creation through regenerative healing.  Would others allow me to be present with them through their process?

I found rhythm and harmony early in life through music and dance. I studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Music in classical piano, training for concert performance. I have explored a lifelong relationship with musical expression through composition and improvisation.  The joy of these experiences awakened a recognition of the natural patterns of rhythm and harmony expressed in the human organism.

I was lead to science to develop logical thinking. I completed my undergraduate degrees in biology, chemistry and psychology in 1981 from Chapman College.  Following my interest in public health services, I received a master’s degree from Loma Linda University.  I had become ignited by a strong interest in the relationship between structure and function in the human organism.  This lead me to medical school where in 1986, I graduated as an osteopathic physician and surgeon from the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific, in California.  To complete my medical training, I took a residency in neuromusculoskeletal medicine and neurosurgery at St. Barnabas Hospital, in New York.  I was also honored to do a seven year preceptorship with Dr. Anne Wales, of Rhode Island, who was a truly outstanding physician and osteopath. It was Dr. Wales who taught me the true value of treating the whole person, as an integrated organism.

To enhance my appreciation of an individual person as a complex integrative organism, I avidly read and studied physics and energy work. I recognize that there are relationships between human structure and function on all levels – mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, circumstantial, traumatic, surgical, medical and genetic.  When this wondrous and complex interface is truly recognized and included in the healing process the whole person is nurtured.

I have pursued the study of classical homeopathy for the last thirty years, as a means to catalyze reactions in the body.  Influential in my homeopathic approach include my primary mentor Dr. Robert Schore with whom I studied closely for over twenty years.  Other influences on my understanding include Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Jost Kunzli, Alain Naude, George Vithoulkas and Dr. Bill Gray.

This practice I call BIO BALANCE engages the whole person in a supportive healing process to find their own harmony and revitalization.

BIO BALANCE is rooted in the recognition that self-regenerative healing exists. It is our own innate wisdom that heals us.  It is not only possible to tap into this intelligence, but is vital to finding true health at all stages of our lives.

A little more about me… 

In my personal life I married, had two delightful, extraordinary children, one boy and one girl, each child adding insight to my understanding of the dimensions of humanity.  I have discovered a self I didn’t know existed when I was a child, one of freedom and joy of being, despite life’s lessons.

I was fortunate to be with both my parents as their daughter-doctor-caretaker and saw the cycle of life complete itself.  I developed a sincere and passionate interest in animals and now have cats, dogs, and horses to teach me about trust, respect, and compassion for all sentient beings.

It has become obvious to me that to feel well is not the same as being well.  I have had wonderful teachers to guide and counsel me along the way.  They have helped me develop my skills, encouraged me to get out of my own way and offer services to others without getting in their way.  Engagement with a person in their process of true healing brings great joy to me.

Since 1994 I have had a private medical practice in Vermont, Maine, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and the Cayman Islands.  My practice has included people from infancy to geriatrics, rewarding me with some relationships lasting over twenty years.  I have worked with cases including accidents, surgery, acute and chronic illness, pregnancy, birth, childhood growth and development, and basic wellness.  My experiences with people cultivating, restoring and maintaining wellness, have deepened my insight into the uniqueness of the individual process. A natural order of all that I have been taught about life and growth has emerged. The service I now offer is a culmination of my personal life experience and observation, medical training, artistic exploration and a love of humanity.

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“I had lived with chronic neck pain for about 10 years from a car accident.  After my first session with Bonnie the pain and discomfort was reduced by half and the two follow up sessions cleared the remainder. This is truly life changing work that she does! She has helped my husband recover from knee surgery and my son heal from a shoulder injury. Her work is transformative.”   ~ DJ


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