Dream Interpretation: Discover the Meaning of Your Dreams

Dream Interpretation

David Low, Ph.D. –  spiritual counselor and dreamwork expert. 

Dreams are important—important for brain maintenance in ways not entirely understood, but just as important spiritually! We all have inborn psychic faculties who job it is to continually scan our higher-dimensional perception for disturbances, and then report back to us in dreams! We’re always being shown potential ways of being happier—if we only care to look. But we don’t get something for nothing. We must do our part through study, contemplation and perhaps therapeutic action to fathom what we are being offered. I can help you see a dream’s best verbally interpreted meaning, and can also help you feel the emotions it can help you resolve, with its deeper embodied meaning.

Dream Interpretation

Through email and phone conversations, we’re limited mostly to verbal interpretation, which of course can be powerful. When brought to the light, the deeper truth about something important in our lives blows away all the other, less accurate ideas we had about it! With Skype however, we can work with the embodied dimension of the dream as well.

So, I would be honored to help you understand and feel the messages that your dreams want you to get—especially if it’s recurring or unpleasant, and even more especially if you’re going through lots of turmoil right now. Obviously the message could be important! Video conference with me by Skype, Zoom (small groups) or just talk with me by phone if necessary. OR we could do written-only interpretations involving email plus a follow-up conversation—or email only. Whatever makes you comfortable.

David Low, Ph.D. –  spiritual counselor and dreamwork expert. 

  • 30 years recording and interpreting dreams
  • IASD member and conference speaker
  • Universals Class in Dream Interpretation
  • Numerous CE and non-CD IASD online courses
  • Conduced dream circles in Substance abuse clinics and community groups
  • “Nighttime Adventures: Remembering and Interpreting Your Dreams”    taught in Adult Educations Centers  
  • Workshop Offered: Nightime Dreams: Getting Answers and Resolving Issues

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“I have been in groups with David Low to learn how to interpret dreams. He has been a remarkable teacher. He has shown respect for each student and allowed each their way of reaching understanding thru his carefully crafted program we follow. He is sensitive and caring which shows in many ways through out his time with us. His gentle manner guides us to find our own answers. His formula for interpretations of others dreams is unique for its kindness and clarity of purpose. It allows us to be wrong without consequences. I heartily recommend him for any project he will take on.” –– Joselyn Ney, Lafayette Hill, PA

David Low, M.S. Ph.D., Spiritual Counselor – Dreamwork Consultant

David is an author and academic with advanced degrees in religion and counseling. He’s worked as an adjunct professor, substance abuse counselor, and now does dreamwork and spiritually-related counseling.

“We dream because we are human… they are the most evident and available means we all have of accessing higher reality, of dialoging with God/Self. If you ignore them, your life will probably turn out fine, but you will miss out—as most of us still do, even today—on potentially greater levels of happiness, fulfillment, enlightenment. (Attention to your dreams is one thing worth getting addicted to!)” – David Low, Ph.D.

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