Sybilla Lenz, Certified Feng Shui Consultant: Selling Your Home?  Try these Easy Feng Shui Tips.


AYRIAL, the leading online body, mind and spirit community presents a feature article on How to Use Feng Shui to Sell Your Home by certified Feng Shui Consultant and author, Sybilla Lenz.

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Why Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the ancient art and study of the interplay of elements in and around our environments.  When these elements are present, changed, or added it can be felt by the residents.  This can create feelings of upliftment, chaos, or even depression if not done correctly or never moved or changed.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Feng Shui!  I have been using and teaching this ancient science for almost 20 years and it has had profound effects of positive change on my life.  I started using these techniques or environment studies because I had heard that our environments can help support us in our life aspirations or hinder us.  I was very curious and hired a consultant as soon as I could find one.  It turned out at the time that my clutter, my lack of organization, my lack of vision and future planning were keeping me stuck in my life and career.

Feng Shui principles are easy to implement.  One can do this in a few easy steps:

Step 1.  Examine, declutter, and clean your property.  Get rid of everything you don’t absolutely love that is in your environment with you.  Move things such as colors, artwork, and furnishings to other places in your home that don’t make you feel uplifted while in their presence.

Step 2.  Make a drawing of your property on a clean sheet of paper.  Add the land around your property.  Add a square to the outermost dimensions of your property.  Now add 8 pie shaped equal sections to the square.  After this is completed you can now look at your home while referring the the Feng Shui tool called the Bagua and determine the areas or life aspirations like career, health, wealth, love, and creativity.

Step3.  Determine what areas you want to make changes to and then look at the corresponding room in your home.  Does that room need to be de-cluttered, Cleaned and re-organized or rearranged?  What is the dominant element for each of the pie sections or quas?  If it is water for example then examine what colors are present currently.  Is it in conflict with what the Bagua is asking for?  Once you have intended you are wanting to move up in your career for example, then you will look at the room your career area is in and see if there are elements that may be in conflict with the water element needed here.

Step 4.  Now that you have gone around your home and looked at the bagua to match up with the areas you are wanting to promote or change then you can add some the elements needed in this area inside and out. The outside is more important sometimes than the inside.  Other structures and land forms can inversely affect your property and ultimately the occupants.

Step 5.  Set your intentions for what you are wanting to happen here as if they have already occurred.  Set the goals in the present moment.  One example of this might be “ I now have the job of my dreams making more money than I imagined”.  Let go of your intentions and know they are complete.

Final Thought. 

I have used the two forms of Feng Shui in my life for over 20 years.  I met and married my soul mate, live in a home that I dreamed of before I moved there, and created a thriving business in Finance and Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is for everyone!  You may be doing it already and not even realize it.  You may be keeping things stuck or stagnant without realizing that you can change your environment and truly change your life.  It is a great tool to use to uplift and inspire yourself for more.

Famous people all over the world use this practice and it is not just for them to enjoy the true riches of life.  It is for everyone!

Sybilla Lenz

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Sybilla Lenz is a professional Feng Shui teacher, consultant, speaker, and international co-author of several books: Welcome Home with Deborah Courville, Living an Abundant Life with renowned visionaries, authors, and world class leaders in the personal empowerment and success fields including Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Neale Donald Walsch, and Brian Tracy, and Designing Hospitals of the Future by G.D. Kunders.  She is also the author of the DVD The Energy Atlas.

Sybilla has a degree in interior design, has enjoyed success in her financial services business for over twenty years, and lives in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania with her husband Jim.  Follow Sybilla

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