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Ian Broadmore is a renowned energy healer and Hypnotherapist who uses The Holy Kabbalah with his in depth knowledge of inner alchemy, psychology and spiritual philosophy to help heal the human condition and bring about positive change to peoples lives.

With over forty years of studying of mysticism, philosophy, and psychology, Ian also teaches energy healing based upon his own experience of walking the path of the arrow, and the knowledge that was imparted to him from his own Kabbalistic and Rosicrucian teachers. He offers a unique perspective and engages with both individuals and groups with compassion, understanding and humility.

Whether you are seeking an energy healing, hypnotherapy or a psychic reading, Ian consults with individuals and is available for group sessions.  He offers a practical approach to the deep spiritual teachings that can be easily applied to everyday life.

Ian is the former principle of the Kabbalah School and Way of the Heart, and the author of “Everything Is Connected” and the founder of The Abintra Clinic. He travels extensively and has lectured in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and Europe.

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