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Energy Healing/Pranic Healing

Experience the accelerated healing benefits of a pranic energy healing session with Lani Reagan, certified intuitive life coach and energy healing practitioner, to help reduce and eliminate physical, mental and emotional pain and suffering.

Each session will require you to sit quietly and peacefully while Lani removes congested energy from your energetic anatomy with her hands and/or a laser crystal, during which sound healing music fills the room. You will notice an easy relaxation come over your body and a quieting of the mind that allows you to feel still within. Since the body needs this type of stillness to heal itself effectively, your state of consciousness and any self-healing techniques she instructs you to use during the session will only facilitate quicker healing and further allow you to retain this state of consciousness for days and weeks after the session. You will be asked to skip your evening shower to allow the energetic anatomy to soak up the energy over the next 24 hours.

Many clients report even greater improvement in the day and weeks afterwards. The closing aspect of the session will contain assigned breathing exercises and other activities to for long term health and wellness maintenance.

You can consult by telephone or connect with Lani at her Santa Barbara, California office. 

Introductory Hour Long Session: $165.

30-Minute Session: $60 

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About Lani Reagan

Lani Reagan-Dynamic-Healing-Energies

Lani Reagan is a certified intuitive life coach & energy healing practitioner, and founder of Dynamic Healing Therapies. Her specialty is assessing your energy-field and subconscious mindset and then applying her techniques to facilitate radical shifts in mind and body, creating real-world transformations in record time.

Lani can work with you in-person or remotely and she has clients all over the world.  She has taught workshops related to the topics of self-healing energy techniques, meditation & relationship-healing at the Four Season’s Biltmore in Santa Barbara, at Unity of Santa Barbara Church and at Paradise Found Giftshop, Santa Barbara’s most popular good vibes bookstore, where she performs intuitive readings and healing work twice a month. In her spare time Lani is completing her book entitled “Pain Be Gone” and crafting an online training program so you can learn how to quickly relieve physical and emotional pain and suffering.

Lani’s practice is called Dynamic Healing Therapies because her healing work produces life long ongoing shifts in consciousness leading to a dynamic life.