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Amanda Gibby Peters, Simple Shui™

Every day, we are riddled with ways to foster the look of a good life, but crafting a beautiful and practical one that looks as good as it feels – choice by choice – can be an intimidating endeavor. Between the contagious storytelling and common sense guidance, Simple Shui™ workshops are like a high spirited cocktail where the conversation covers substance as much as style; patience as much as pretty; and sustainability as much as celebration.

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How To Use The Shui Power Spaces In Your Home For Success

The literal translation of Feng Shui is WIND and WATER.

Feng means wind, which represents energy.

Shui means water, which symbolizes fortune.

The purpose + practice of Feng Shui is to be in alignment with the energy of fortune. However, with high demands and full contact energy slaloming our way daily, it can be challenging to stay on top of your world. In this workshop, entrepreneurs and thought leaders will learn about the 3 power spots of a home and how to arrange them for success. Because if you aren’t positioned well in the home, you aren’t positioning yourself as well as you could be in the world.

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Amanda Gibby Peters, Founder of Simple Shui™

Amanda Gibby Peters - Feng Shui Expert, Simple Shui Founder

Hello! I am Amanda Gibby Peters, and putting the affairs of a home in order is my genius.

I adore simplicity. And I edit. Brilliantly. So, what’s Simple Shui, you say?

It’s a lifestyle with its own mission statement:

Live with what you love.

I help readers + clients simplify their spaces. Because that is where the practical magic to a gorgeous life awaits.

Our homes speak in metaphor – a language I know fluently. The energy that comes into our space influences how we step out into the world. And those metaphors influence everything – our well-being, relationships, prosperity, and happiness.

When we are too busy to care about our space, it squanders all those resources we rely on to curate a good life – our time, energy, and the creative stamina to live fully.

I began blogging in 2007 about the necessary ingredients for cultivating sacred space. By combining feng shui – its study of energy + environmental metaphor – and my editorial instincts, I discovered small changes were creating enormously extraordinary differences in the lives of my clients.

How does it work? When we put our homes in order, we do the same for ourselves.

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