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I’m Victoria and here’s your AYRIAL Newsflash for February 16th & the weekend edition, 2018.


“The very essence of romance is uncertainty.”  ― Oscar Wilde

It’s all about love, romance and partnerships this month.  Be sure to listen to AYRIAL TalkTime podcast now has over 70 episodes.  You can listen to feng shui practitioner, Sybilla Lenz and learn how to use feng shuit to make subtle changes in your home or office to open up opportunities for love and romance. We share conversations with creative thinkers and intuitive leaders.  If you want to work through relationship issues, consider Julie Bell Buras, Rose Hart and David Low, Ph.D.  AYRIAL features a variety of consultants and counselors to help you with your personal or professional relationship issues. Visit

Today’s feng shui tip is about relationships from Simple Shui Founder, Amanda Gibby Peters who says, says –


A luxurious bedroom is not synonymous with expensive or spacious; rather, it is about drenching this sacred space with beauty the way you see it. When we choose to love our bedroom, it makes an irrepressible statement that we prioritize our own felicity. Little by little, this kind of steady living has a cumulative effect. And in a room that nourishes sleeping deeper and waking more refreshed, we find ourselves – mind, body, and spirit – restored. Our focus determines so much of where we go, and given that the bedroom bookends our days, it matters. So do something to dress your room with LOVE and watch how the universe shows up spectacularly, scattering magic, love, good dreams, and happiness all around you.

You can find out more about Amanda Gibby Peters, her feng shui services on or you can visit her website,


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Up next is our featured podcast for the week. We all dream, and many of us can remember those dreams. Are you curious to know what your dreams mean? I sat down with Dr. David Low, dream consultant and spiritual counselor. David sheds light on those common psychological dreams. Enjoy our conversation.