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I’m Victoria and here’s your AYRIAL Newsflash for February 20th, 2018.

“Giving generously in romantic relationships, and in all other bonds, means recognizing when the other person needs our attention. Attention is an important resource.” ― Bell Hooks, All About Love: New Visions

Are you looking to attract love and romance in your life? You’ll want to read Viviana Estrada’s latest article, “Learn How to Activate Your Love Energy.” Viviana says, “Believe it or not love is in the air but not in any space of air. During the year of the dog 2018 love is primarily in the south so if you want to increase your chances of finding love or you want to improve your personal relations go to the south sector of your living space, occupy the sector, open the windows and use the door(s) located there.

Read the article under NEWS section on To learn more about Viviana Estrada, check out her bio and list of services under Chinese Metaphysics and Feng Shui.

Sasha Lee, Chinese Metaphysican, Feng Shui practitioner, celebrated the Chinese Solar New Year in New Delhi, India! Congratulations to Sasha for receiving the high honor of the Global Excellence Award from the Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage in New Delhi. It was a joy to present my thoughts on the upcoming year of the dog, and it was inspiring to meet so many scientists, academics, astrologers, and even politicians who are working to study ancient philosophies from modern and scientific research-based perspectives.  Learn more about Sasha Lee.

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Our podcast for the week is with Margaret Harrell. Victoria talks with Margaret Harrell about her relationship with the founder of “gonzo journalism”, Hunter S. Thompson and her memoir series, “Keep This Quiet!” In addition to being a prolific writer, Margaret teaches light body meditation studies in the DaBen and Orin school of LuminEssence, which explore the dynamics and potential of ourselves in various translations of our energy. She is a graduate of Duke University, Columbia University and studied at the C. G. Jung Institute Zurich. Enjoy our conversation.