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I’m Victoria and here’s your AYRIAL Newsflash for February 21th, 2018.

“The home is the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose, and that is to support the ultimate career.” ― C.S. Lewis

Are you feeling a little down at the office?  Or, are you wishing for the energy to seek out a new career path, get a promotion or launch a business?

Simple Shui Founder, Amanda Gibby Peters writes: Implement these Feng Shui Tips to Boost Your Career Energy

Our surroundings are a sensory rich narrative of our lives, punctuated with details and belongings that hold our intentions in place. And because our life story intersects with our work world, creative spaces are equally worthy of mindful design. Consider what words first percolate when you ponder your work space. Are you comfortable inviting people into your busy hive? When we “match” our intentions with our environments, it springboards productivity and well-being – an excellent tonic for keeping our energy up. So, if your working hours feel like a rummaging maze, here are a few shui tips to guide you onto a wide-open path:


Been working in the same space and exact spot for over a year? Roll up your sleeves and take everything out of your work zone. Wipe down the entire space. Your elbow-deep efforts cleaning shelves, vacuuming corners, or wiping down baseboards will feel like coming out of a long hibernation. This quality of attention to any space jolts awake our senses and energy, priming us for a satisfying stretch into new territories!

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