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I’m Victoria and here’s your AYRIAL Newsflash for February 5th, 2018.

Today’s quote: “It is our innate wisdom that heals us. It is not only possible to tap into this intelligence, but is vital to finding true health at all stages of our lives.” – Dr. Bonnie Bennett. You can learn more about Dr. Bennett, a retired osteopathic surgeon who now works with patients to focus on integrative health on

Dr. Bonnie Bennett combines her medical background with thirty years of classical homeopathy and takes a whole-system approach to regenerative healing to help individuals.

Today’s Feng Shui tip provided by AYRIAL member, Certified Feng Shui Expert Amanda Gibby Peters says,

A bedroom’s template is simple – a good bed and quality linens; a couple lighting options; a pair of bedside tables; a dresser or armoire; and a few restorative talismans. If your space has the room, finish it off with a personal place for lounging – somewhere you escape to fully catch your breath.

Luxury is about what we can afford to let go of, and there is plenty of wiggle room for editing out clutter and chaos in most bedrooms. When a space feels cramped, we leave ourselves little room for new ideas. And over-stimulation from too much stuff frays our nerves. So, get rid of anything not worth missing. By favoring simplicity, you’ll bookend your days with a palpable satisfaction – one that feels as good as it looks.

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Up next is our featured podcast for the week. Over ten years ago, she moved from Washington, D.C. where she worked for political titans to Houston, Texas. Today, Amanda Gibby Peters has since become one of the country’s sought after feng shui consultants.

Amanda Gibby Peters is the Founder of Simple Shui, her articles on the popular topic have been published in Architectural Magazines, and online lifestyle blogs. She happens to be a Leo with Capicorn rising; a cocktail blend of introverted and extroverted signs.

We caught up with Amanda to discuss using feng shui to attract and feel more romantic. Enjoy our conversation.