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I’m Victoria and here’s your AYRIAL Newsflash for February 8th, 2018.

Do you want to improve the quality of your life, be more successful, reach your goals? Or maybe you just want to have a better relationships with your spouse, family or co-workers? You can’t do it alone! You need a vetted lifestyle consultant, coach.  Unlike a therapist, a lifestyle consultant will not focus on your past, but your future.  He or she will help you reach your goals and break through any barriers keeping you from the life you dream of. Connect today with an AYRIAL vetted lifestyle consultant such as; certified health coach Kimber Klein, Intuitive consultant Isa Styles.

If you’re not getting along famously with your bedroom, it’s time. Everything is energy + everything is connected. And when we desire any improvement in our lives – that coveted promotion, a little extra va-voom to workout, a thick-as-thieves social circle, or even establishing Beyoncé-like boundaries for ourselves – this space deserves to be your main squeeze.

As a feng shui practitioner, and one of the country’s most sought after feng shui consultants, Amanda Gibby Peters knows how protective we are about our private spaces and not wanting to reveal what’s behind the closed door:

Self-care is nothing to blush over – soothing fabrics and luscious linens are absolutely a worthy investment. And because the bedroom is a natural haven for our sensuality to frolic, indulge yourself. Buy the best you can afford. Quality isn’t impulsive – it’s intentional. And sometimes that means intentionally saving money and watching for a good sale.

With a variety of textures and thread counts available, invest time in feeling fabrics. Cotton ushers in gratifying, crisp energy. Linen studies reveal it helps us fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake up more refreshed. Silks and satins keep energy circulating. Allow your senses to guide this selection, and don’t settle until you’re delighted – it is worth the expense to be tucked into satisfying sheets!

That’s all for today’s AYRIAL Newsflash. Tune in tomorrow for a new episode. For more body, mind and spirit lifestyle tips, visit – that’s A.Y.R.I.A.L. com. To review a transcript of this episode and grab pertinent links, visit:

Up next is our featured podcast for the week. Over ten years ago, she moved from Washington, DC where she worked for political titans to Houston, Texas.

Today, Amanda Gibby Peters has since become one of the country’s sought after feng shui consultants.

Amanda Gibby Peters is the Founder of Simple Shui, her articles on the popular topic have been published in Architectural Magazines, and online lifestyle blogs. We caught up with Amanda to discuss using feng shui to attract and feel more romantic. Enjoy our conversation.