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An inspiring Q/A with Certified Feng Shui Consultant Sybilla Lenz with Ann Moschorak from Happenings Magazine


Sybilla Lenz is a professional Feng Shui teacher, consultant, speaker and international co-author of several books: Welcome Home with Deborah Courville and Living an Abundant Life with renowned visionaries, authors, and world class leaders in the personal empowerment and success fields. Her most recent book is, The Prosperity Factor with Joe Vitale. Sybilla has a degree in interior design, has enjoyed success in her financial services business for over 20 years and lives in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania with her husband Jim. Happenings Magazine explored her expertise in Feng Shui.


How has Feng Shui changed you?

Sybilla: Feng Shui has changed my life in profound ways.  I have a life I love with my soul mate and have experienced positive changes in career, creativity, family connections and health.

What is the result for others you’ve helped?

Sybilla:  After they have had a consult, clients note that they would never have looked at their environment as a place that could promote positive change in their lives. They begin to see the relationship to how they feel in their bodies to what is going on in their environment. They see how they feel with different colors and notice that sometimes just changing their bedroom can promote good sleep and overall feelings of well-being.

What is the most effective piece in decorating?

Sybilla: Color. Color has a huge effect on us psychologically and can change how we feel instantly bringing our energy up or down.

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What are long-term benefits associated with Feng Shui?

Long-term benefits of Feng Shui speak for itself after an environment has had adjustments. It is noticeable and feels different. Imagine how you feel when you walk into a place that is dark, unclean and musty such as a cellar or attic and then think about how you feel when you enter a freshly painted and decorated room. Your body will tell you.

How do these changes make the impact on our creativity, energy, etc.?

Sybilla: When we have good energy flowing around us by the placement of elements or color we feel uplifted and inspired. Our creativity is enhanced because our attention is not focusing on what we don’t like but now on what we want in our lives.

feng shui 2Is there a religious/holistic aspect?

Sybilla: Feng Shui is not a religion but a science of physics. Everything in our environment has movement or gives off an energetic impulse. When we create space and add elements that have a higher vibration or movement we feel that on subtle levels. We also lift our inner chi when we are in a space that is energetically supporting us. The opposite is true and can be proven that when we are viewing things or hearing sounds that are not uplifting, our energy is affected in the opposite way.

How are the seasons involved with Feng Shui?

Sybilla: Classical Feng Shui or flying star is based on the seasons changing. For instance wood energy is mirrored by spring energy—new, fresh and growing. Fire energy is based on summer and full sun. Water energy is winter and closing down or yin energy. Metal energy mirrors fall and moving into winter season. Earth energy mirrors fall and autumn season.

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When did you first become interested in Feng Shui?

Sybilla: Over 16 years ago. I felt depressed and overworked and was looking for other answers to creating change in my life. I was lonely and wanted to improve my life. Feng Shui gave me tools for change and it worked!

How are the principles of Feng Shui explained in your book?

Sybilla: In the Prosperity Factor book I talk about simplifying Feng Shui with a process using color and working off the Feng Shui tool called a bagua. This is based on an old but profound system that utilizes a type of energy template and makes it much easier to adapt to our western thinking. I created a process for working with this to start noticing every area in your life and then your home that you would like to change.

What was your inspiration for writing about Feng Shui?

Sybilla: It comes from working with clients who see and feel wonderful results. I recently worked with a client in Canada undergoing cancer treatment. She suspected that there were changes she could make in her environment to support her healing process.

She was elated to find things she could do immediately to help her raise her chi or energy. These circumstances make me continue because if I can help people heal- that is worth everything!


Tell us about your latest book, “The Prosperity Factor.”

Sybilla: Joe Vitale, from the movie, “The Secret,” approached me about including a chapter in his book on and how one might use Feng Shui for prosperity. I am included along with several authors who feel that if people can have a multitude of tools to build a happier and more prosperous life then we will have a happier world. Who doesn’t want that?! This book is similar to a Chicken Soup for the Soul in the sense that it is a collaboration of ideas and principles to improve one’s life.

Sybilla Lenz is a professional Feng Shui teacher, consultant, speaker, and international co-author of several books:Welcome Home with Deborah Courville, Living an Abundant Life with renowned visionaries, authors, and world class leaders in the personal empowerment and success fields including Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Neale Donald Walsch, and Brian Tracy, and Designing Hospitals of the Future by G.D. Kunders.  She is also the author of the DVD The Energy Atlas.

Sybilla has a degree in interior design, has enjoyed success in her financial services business for over twenty years, and lives in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania with her husband Jim.

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