Are Everyday Distractions Causing You Trouble?

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Katherine Metz

Feng Shui Consultant, “The Floor Plan
Detective”, Founder Feng Shui Storyboard


Katherine Metz, Feng Shui StoryBoardA person with Distracted Chi lacks the ability to choose a path and follow it. This person is rarely content with a course of action, wants everything, but is successful at nothing—not even the weekly ironing.

“Professor Lin called this “non-directional chi” because it is moving inside the body in many directions at once; yet, it lacks the momentum to move forcefully out of the body.”

Every direction is blocked. Goals cannot be achieved, and life comes to a screeching standstill—sometimes without warning, and often with dire consequences.

So, if you have ever burned a hole in your shirt, run a stop sign by mistake, or left your cell phone on the plane, here is the perfect solution. Your determination to follow through will bring great rewards. In addition to receiving that important phone call because your phone is in your pocket, you will become more decisive. You will know which way is the right way—easing the strain on your heart caused by indecision.

Give your heart a break, and begin your meet and greets today. You will notice that you move through the world with more courage and persistence, and a clearly defined direction.

Meet, in person, 9 new people every day for 27 days.

It is very important not to gossip or ask for favors. Simply be social.

An email is not considered a means of communication in this instance!


Meet, in person, 27 new people every day for 9 days.

This material reflects the teachings of H. H. Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun & Black Sect Tantric Buddhism in its Fourth Stage. Please honor the tradition of the red envelope if you benefit from, or share, this information.

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About Katherine Metz

Katherine Metz is a Feng Shui Practitioner, Teacher, Mentor, Bau-biologist and a Founding Director of the Feng Shui Guild.  Blending other aspects of her background—a degree in Medical Sociology from the University of Michigan and design experience from owning an interior landscape business—with the Hawaiian and Chinese arts of healing and place, Katherine created The Art of Placement, where she went on to become a highly regarded practitioner, teacher, and lecturer. She has made a lasting mark in reaching out to the public and in her most recent endeavor serving as mentor to a select group of affiliates from around the world.

She has appeared on television and radio across the country. Her name appears in many Feng Shui books as authors acknowledge their teachers, and her writings continue to be used by students and practitioners around the world. In 1998 Katherine was keynote speaker for the 2nd Annual International Feng Shui Conference. She teaches and lectures, upon request, on the art and science of creating a healthy home and workplace.

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