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On a windy, biting cold NYC morning, I missed the uptown bus. Shivering, I decided to walk as fast as I could. As I rushed along, something made me stop. I looked up to see a familiar, bright red circle high upon the wall. Had my teaching the day before set something into motion?

Grateful that the street was empty, I jumped up and down to see if there was writing on the circle. High upon this austere wall capped with barbed wire, were the words from Professor’s cure for nightmares. Immediately, I thought back to the end of the class I taught the day before.

One participant, with tears in her eyes, took both my hands and expressed her heartfelt thanks. Before I could get her name, she was gone. Was she the one who posted the circle on the wall? Her face stayed with me as I hurried to my destination.

Weeks later, in the crowded Fairway Market directly across from the Beacon Hotel where we met, I bumped baskets with the woman who lingered in my thoughts. There, among the array of spring flowers for sale on Broadway, she told her story.

She was plagued by the same terrifying nightmare for years. She tried therapy, remedies and medications, but continued to wake up screaming night after night. Her marriage was in jeopardy, her career at risk, and her sanity in question.  In class she learned that she could reach to heaven and let the sun wash away the bad dream. At that moment she knew she had to act. She began the next day.

She followed the steps of the Bad Dream Cure carefully, and placed the red circle high upon the wall the first day, then the second, but the dream continued. With great faith, she persisted. Day after day she returned to the wall and posted a new red circle. Soon there was a line of circles. One
day some were gone. Without any doubt she continued, trusting that each vanishing circle was a sign that the dream was disappearing.

With the ninth circle on the wall, she slept well. Today, her nightmare is over. The dream vanished along with the circles. All nine were gone on that bright new day. She was free.

I took this picture on the cold morning that I missed my bus—the first day of her courageous decision to trust her knowing. She created a spot of Buddha light on that dreary wall, and made spirit manifest in the concrete world. The reach of transcendental thought is vast. I hope these materials help you bring Professor’s wisdom to life in this challenging world.

This material reflects the teachings of H. H. Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun & Black Sect Tantric Buddhism in its Fourth Stage. Please honor the tradition of the red envelope if you benefit from, or share, this information.

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