Feng Shui & You in 2017


Written by



Sasha Yungju Lee

Artist, Entrepreneur &
Chinese Metaphysics Specialist

On February 3rd. 2017, the annual energy changed as we entered the year of the Yin Fire Rooster. Each year, within the Feng Shui of your space there are stars or energy pattern that show up in each sector. Here are 3 positive sectors in 2017 to bring more positive Qi into your life, making you happier, healthier and more successful!

EAST attracts wealth, finance & cash flow in 2017. If your main entrance faces EAST you are in great shape because it ushers in this auspicious energy. To activate this sector, USE this area more often, open windows, add yang objects like a TV, clock or fan.

SE attracts happy events, promotions & sales opportunities. Activate SE to grow your wealth for long term projects, investments and spiritual manifestation in 2017. If SE is where your home office is located you will find yourself more active in your business.

NORTH attracts power, authority, good name & leadership. Study and set your children up in the NORTH sector for their study area. It also manifests career opportunities in 2017. Best to you in 2017!


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