Implement Feng Shui into Your Your Business Card!

 A business card designed using the feng shui principles can help to boost your business and attract wealth.  

Feng Shui is the art of placement and can easily be implemented through the design of your business card!

Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, Karen Ferraro has the experience and knowledge on how to make your business card feng shui compliant. Shapes Matter. Colors are important. Placement is key.

Business Card Design Services

Your business card holds energy and tells the first story about your business when you hand it to someone, especially when meeting for the first time.  It will live on with those who take it and place aside for the future.  The questions is: will it be memorable and inspire the individual to reconnect with you at some point, or will it go lifeless among the many other lifeless business cards on file?  There are certain guidelines with business cards regarding business name, logo and contact information. What really makes the business card stand out and what is considered “Good Feng Shui” for the business card?

Existing Business Card 

Analysis and Redesign of Existing Business Card

Have your business card completely analyzed, receive recommendations for enhancing the quality of your business card’s energy and watch your business opportunities expand.

  • Analysis of your current business card from a Feng Shui perspective using the Feng Shui Bagua principals
  • Review of the logo placement and where it shall be best placed
  • Recommendations for enhancing the card to incorporate the five elements
  • Redesign from a Feng Shui perspective – artist rendering to be supplied

Fee: $450

New Business Card Design

  • From the ground up – this is a new business card design
  • Client must supply logo (high resolution)
  • Consultation time to review preferences of shapes, colors, fonts, styles from Feng Shui perspective
  • Design review/edit and final approval
  • Print ready business card

Fee $900

When designing a new business card, we will discuss your goals and needs and capitalize on implementing feng shui symbols, shapes and colors that are associated with your company to attract new business and wealth.

Karen Ferraro: Feng Shui Consultant – Business Advisor

Karen Ferraro AYRIAL2

Karen Lynn Ferraro is a Certified Feng Shui Consultant, Marketing Master and Certified Coach. She enriches the well-being of those she works with for personal growth and professional/business development.

A marketing executive in large international corporations for over twenty-five years, Karen has taken all of her business expertise and blended it with wisdom traditions to guide people and businesses to flourish. Her newest Webinar and EBook called Mastering Marketing Sense the Feng Shui Way TM is quickly becoming one of the most unique and easy methods to create new marketing strategies for generating business flow!

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