AYRIAL is the newest online community where you can connect with a psychic consultant, spiritual medium or life coach. 

(MediaQuire)  Atlanta – AYRIAL is the newest “body, mind & spirit” lifestyle community and is the brain child of corporate psychic, Victoria lynn Weston.  AYRIALis a place where individuals can connect with a lifestyle consultant such as a psychic consultant, a spiritual medium, an intuitive psychologist, astrologer or personal life coach.  AYRIAL is a community where professional consultants can join an elite group to attract new clients.

“Searching the web is daunting when seeking a specific type of psychic consultant, personal life coach or an intuitive psychologist. Today, professionals and individuals are looking to connect instantly with a consultant who can provide insight on their personal or professional life,” says Weston.  “People don’t want to go to just any person claiming to be a psychic or spiritual medium, they want to know about their background and area of expertise  to get a better sense of their style and the extent of their psychic gifts.”

The art of intuitively accessing information in ways that expand the boundaries of ordinary reality has been called the world’s “second oldest profession.” In some cultures, power and authority are bestowed on those with such special abilities. Recent polls estimate that over 50 percent of the population believes or has an interest in psychic ability and related phenomena. Another 25 percent feel that they have directly experienced psychic phenomena. And, it’s a billion dollar a year business!

AYRIAL is a not a psychic friend’s or a Keen network where users dial in and pay top dollar to consult with someone, “do you really know the credentials of that psychic” Weston asks. “Finding a  quality psychic just got easier at Ayrial.com.”

Those interested in finding a quality psychic, astrology or life coach should search AYRIAL.com. Users can search specific criteria or browsing the list of consultants.

AYRIAL makes the introduction of their featured consultants to potential clients by presenting photos, biographies and area of expertise. They are then provided with contact information which individuals can contact directly.  Sessions are scheduled directly between the consultant and the client.  Ayrial  is like a mini public relations company who works to promote their consultants along with their products such as books via press releases, interviews and sponsored articles.


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Victoria lynn Weston is a recognized intuitive/psychic consultant and intuitive business coach who provides insights for individuals, business owners and executives. As a motivational speaker, she has spoken to executives from Henry Ford Health Systems, RTM (Arby’s Franchise) where she teaches executives how to tap into their own power of intuition to make successful marketing strategies, investments or hiring the right employee.

She has produced and directed PBS featured documentaries including; America’s Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull which includes interviews from Gloria Steinem.  She also produced; The Intuitive Factor; Genius or Chance which explores the inner workings of the mind. Interviews include; parapsychologist Jeffrey Mishlove, bestselling author Gary Zukav

Victoria has been a radio host of “Power Predictions” in Atlanta, Georgia and a featured guest on dozens of radio, television shows and print media including; the Atlanta PARADE magazine, The Atlanta Business Journal, ABC Talk Radio; CNBC; BUSINESS WEEK Online; INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE, WIRED NEWS and THE NEW YORK TIMES. She has worked as a professional psychic/intuitive consultant also known as “the corporate psychic” for 15 years.

Victoria developed a series of intuitive and psychic development apps for APPLE and Android that include; Test Your ESP with Zener Cards and divination Runes Casting.  She is also the President and Founder of MediaQuire.com and AYRIAL.com 

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