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Simple Shui – GIFT WELL this holiday season!

Between now and the next new moon, it is holiday a go go.

If you’re curating ideas for everyone on your list, how about a shui gift guide?

YES, you say?

FABBY, I say!

So, limber up + let’s do this, okay?

One of my favorite things to wrap + give is linen. What’s so shui spectacular about it?

All fabrics have a signature frequency. And linen from flax has been studied as helping us fall asleep faster.

Sleep deeper. Wake up more refreshed.

Linen filters noise + dust + chemical exposure, keeping the air around us high vibe healthy. Linen won’t soak up static electricity and doesn’t contribute to allergies. Plus, it’s great for anti-inflammatory conditions. the term lingerie originates from when people once wore linen under their clothing. {how’s that for chicka-chicka-shui-bow-wow?} And, it is believed to enhance our own light vibration. In a super quick comparison: cotton has a frequency of 40 units of energy whereas flax-linen carries 5000.*

What does this all mean? in shui, the closer we are to something, the bigger its influence in our lives. So, any spot o’linen is a very, very good thing for our homes.

here are my favorite ways to use linen around our home:

{1} Linen napkins are easy + inexpensive. they are an instant upgrade to any place setting and make mealtime feel exceptionally inviting + cozy.

{2} linen tablecloth softens table edges and absorbs moody vibes that sometimes emerge during gatherings. and, it can be a festive backdrop for entertaining spreads or warm things up when it’s more intimate dining.

{3} If you know someone with crafting skills, linen fabric invites creative genius to unleash itself. how about a large DIY corkboard to pin inspiration on for your BIG twenty fifteen goals?

{4} A linen apron suggests the possibility of cooking + baking + creative deliciousness. it beckons us into our kitchen {a room strongly associated with wealth} which is an awesome way to encourage someone to stoke their prosperity. la-la-LOVE!

{5} I adore comfy pajamas, and i relish crawling into bed every night. what makes both even better is swaddling myself in linen. and restoration hardware honestly holds court here. Whether you pick up a pair of PJs or splurge on sheets {they are an investment. worth every cent}, you simply cannot go wrong.

No matter the gift, linen only gets softer + smoother with each wash. so, it is the ultimate token of appreciation + affection because it simply improves with age.  And very few things these days can boast that confidently. whether it’s decking the table or snuggling us into a sweet slumber, linen works like a charm for anyone on your list. And maybe, just maybe, it is the perfect dose of good cheer to treat yourself to now or anytime in the year ahead.

xo – Amanda

*I learned about linen from M. Carol Assa + her studies with Dr. Heidi Crawford-Yellen.

**Each suggestion here is personal and non-solicited. every gift recommended I have purchased + used + LOVED in our home.

Always, GIFT WELL this holiday season!  @simple_shui #fengshui @AYRIAL7 

Amanda Gibby Peters is a Dallas-based feng shui consultant and blogger with an international clientele. She believes feng shui is about living with what you love. Amanda lives with her husband and twin daughters.  Learn more

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